W4CY 3-28-2024 and W4VET 3-31-2024

Dan Perkins Offers Insights into the Developments of Ongoing Court Cases

Dan PerkinsOur political expert, Dan Perkins, a best-selling author, political commentator, and TV and radio personality, is here to delve into the hot topics making headlines today. He will discuss the Fani Willis trial in Georgia, followed by the latest updates on the case in New York, particularly regarding former President Trump’s inability to meet the high bail demanded by Ms. James.

Dan will provide insights into ongoing court cases from the past week and emphasize the importance of voter registration and volunteerism to ensure our voices are heard at the polls. As the founder of the Dan Perkins Media Network, Dan also highlights the significance of civic engagement, urging every American to consider volunteering at polling stations. He stresses the importance of the upcoming election for our families and the nation.

Newest Books Sad Eyes One and Sad Eyes Book Two by Dan Perkins

Sad Eyes-Book oneSAD EYES: 1912 TO 1939 is the story of a woman, Mary Ellen Murphy, from Waterloo, Iowa, and her contribution to the United States and beyond as an Army nurse in World War II, helping save tens of thousands of soldiers’ lives. Her assistance to military leadership throughout her journey proves crucial in the outcome of the war. Mary Ellen combines great physical presence, incredible talent, and intelligence and remains committed to her values. She is constantly being challenged with more opportunities to serve her country and prove to others what women can do when given the chance. Join this red-haired and green-eyed Irish lass who is as smart as she is beautiful on her adventure during World War II and its aftermath.

Sad Eyes: Book Two by Dan PerkinsSAD EYES: 1939 TO 1951 is the story of a blossoming woman, Mary Ellen Murphy, from Waterloo, Iowa. She finds herself stationed at Hickman Hospital in early December 1941, and she’s halfway through her honeymoon when the Japanese bomb the fleet in the harbor. She is the right person, in the right place, at the right time to significantly contribute to the war effort. As an Army nurse over the balance of World War II, Mary Ellen helps save tens of thousands of soldiers’ lives. Her assistance to Army Chief of Staff John Marshall throughout her journey proves crucial to the war’s outcome. Mary Ellen combines excellent physical presence with incredible talent and remains committed to her values throughout her life. For more information on his books and his Dan Perkins Media Network, go to Danperkinsmedia.org

Jennifer Pipa on Spring Disaster Outlook

Our next guest today is Jennifer Pipa, Vice President of the American Red Cross Disaster Programs. She will discuss the Disaster Outlook for this Spring.  The year 2024 has the Potential for Extreme Disasters to upend lives and communities across the U.S. This is part of a growing trend affecting families experiencing more frequent and intense disasters yearly. This spring, forecasters predict above-average temperatures in the Northern States from Coast to Coast, while families out west could face drier conditions, and those in the east may see higher rainfall.

Jennifer Pipa is Vice President of Disaster Programs for the American Red Cross. Before this role, Pipa served as CEO of Georgia’s Red Cross – serving more than 10 million people across all five lives of Red Cross service in 159 counties. Pipa previously served as the Regional Executive for the Red Cross of Central Florida.  For more information go to: https://www.redcross.org/

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