Fairfax-Radio-3-30-2023 and W4CY 4-2-20-23

Debbie Lee, Founder and CEO of America's WarriorsOur first guest is Debbie Lee, CEO/Founder of America’s Mighty Warriors, a Non-Profit Foundation. Today she will discuss this year’s programs for Veterans and their families and events they are doing around the year. Debbie Lee is an author, public speaker, and political activist who has traveled the nation telling her son’s amazing story and advocating for our troops, their families, and the families of the fallen. Debbie understands our troops’ sacrifice and that “Freedom isn’t free.” On Aug 2, 2006, she received a knock on the door that would forever change her life. She was notified that her son Marc Alan Lee had been killed in action, becoming the first Navy SEAL killed in Iraq. Since that day, Debbie has dedicated her life to honoring our troops and the families of the fallen, defending our defenders, and fighting to keep the freedoms that our troops have fought for. She has worked tirelessly to ensure that our troops, military, and Gold Star families have access to respite and important services that help soldiers or their families recover after injury or loss.

By God’s strength, she chose to rise above the most devastating circumstance of her life to impact others’ lives, giving them hope and encouragement. In response to her son’s last letter home to “pass on the love, the kindness, the precious gift of human life,” she founded America’s Mighty WarriorsAmerica's Mighty Warriors. She provides programs that improve quality of life, resiliency, and recovery.  Debbie has completed many cross-country tours, visited Gitmo, and visited Iraq in 2007 and 2010, becoming the First Gold Star Mom in history to visit the combat zone where her son died. She has conducted over 1000 media interviews and has been a regular on FOX news. Debbie appeared on stage with Tim McGraw at the ACMA’s in 2007, has met with President Bush numerous times, and can often be found advocating for our troops on Capitol Hill. “God has equipped me and given me amazing strength and hope, and I want to share that with others. For more information, visit americasmightywarriors.org.

Our second guest is Pastor Jackson Lahmeyer. He will discuss the group, Pastors For Trump, a coalition of Patriot Pastors from all 50 states that recognize the importance of Christians engaging in the world we live in as the salt and light. As the spiritual leaders of our nation, we are committed to praying for Donald J. Trump and presenting our requests before him on issues such as life, marriage, freedom of speech, and personal responsibility.

Jackson Lahmeyer serves as the Lead Pastor of the historic Sheridan Christian Center in Tulsa, OK – now known as Sheridan Church and he is the founder of Sheridan Bible College. Jackson and his wife, Kendra, have five children and reside in Owasso, Oklahoma.  Lahmeyer attended Oral Roberts University (ORU) and received a B.A. & M.A. in Theological & Historical Studies, graduating Magna Cum Laude. Lahmeyer was then appointed to serve as the Crusade Director traveling the United States for Christ for All Nations, the ministry of Reinhard Bonnke that has helped lead 74,000,000 people to Christ since 1974. While serving as the Crusade Director, Lahmeyer was the Oklahoma State Coordinator for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, leading more than 300 churches across Oklahoma’s 77 counties to get engaged and fight for conservative values. In 2021-2022, Lahmeyer was a candidate for the United States Senate in Oklahoma. He was endorsed by Mayor Rudy Giuliani, General Michael Flynn, Roger Stone, Sebastian Gorka, Mike Lindell, and other America First leaders.  For more information, visit www.jacksonlahmeyer.com.

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