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CEO of EquitiFy, LLC on Professional Development Solutions

Dr. Vic BakerOur esteemed guest, Dr. Vic Baker, is the Founder, President, and CEO of EquitiFy, LLC. He will discuss how his company is a professional development solutions provider specializing in optimizing organizational structures and maximizing leadership potential to cultivate enriching, diverse, equitable, and inclusive work environments while enhancing overall performance. With over 25 years of executive leadership experience in the energy industry, Victor has led various teams in engineering, operations, procurement, innovation, safety, customer service, community relations, and government relations. Additionally, he has held executive roles in several non-profit organizations.

Drawing upon his decisive leadership, entrepreneurial mindset, Six Sigma background, and profound business acumen, Dr. Vic drives essential shifts in organizational strategies and adeptly resolves complex challenges within startup, turnaround, and growth environments.

Known for his insightful, data-driven approach, Dr. Baker excels in defining priorities, anticipating emerging issues, increasing awareness, and shaping perspectives to align with the organization’s interests and needs. He is a dynamic and accessible leader who embodies authenticity, emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and integrity. Dr. Vic fosters cultures that promote new ideas and inclusivity, emphasizing accountability, adaptability, positive change, and critical thinking.

Recognized for his consistent innovation, Dr. Vic’s organization begins by conducting a thorough workforce analysis to identify areas of diversity and assess the need for improvement. By reviewing recruitment, development, and promotion systems, EquitiFy comprehensively understands how to enhance inclusion from a systemic perspective. Collaborating with your company’s organizational development, talent management, or human resources department, EquitiFy facilitates identifying and selecting diverse, high-potential, and emerging leaders. Through talent reviews and succession readiness calibration, EquitiFy assists in developing a dynamic, inclusive leadership development program to prepare future leaders for advancement. For more information, visit equitify.us.

Dan Perkins Talks Current Events

Dan PerkinsOur next guest is our political expert, Dan Perkins, a best-selling author, political commentator, and TV and radio personality, who is here to delve into the hot topics making headlines today. He will discuss the ongoing trials of Former President Trump. The funding of Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan. He will discuss the Impeachment of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and what he thinks will happen when the House takes it to the Senate. Update on this past Friday, April 19th: The U.S. Senate rejected both articles of impeachment against Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.  As the founder of the Dan Perkins Media Network, Dan also highlights the significance of civic engagement, urging every American to consider volunteering at polling stations. He stresses the importance of the upcoming election for our families and the nation.

Dan Perkins – Founder & Host of Dan Perkins Media Network

From books to commentaries to radio and TV, Dan will be the first to say that writing becomes part of who you are; it completes a person.  He writes commentaries, opinion pieces, children’s books, newspaper articles on various topics, and content for radio and TV programs. For many years, Dan’s financial money management business provided a reason to keep himself entrenched in politics and current events: It made sense to know what was happening. However, he realized that his interest in the political world was much greater than just the financial portion. It became his passion, eventually leading him to his first book series. In between writing books, he developed a keen nose for what is real news and what is not. He soon realized that not all reported news is 1, Factual; 2, Unbiased; and 3, Comprehensible. So began his quest to provide a way for people to understand what is being written: “between the lines.” He wants people to realize that much of our news is swept under the rug or deemed unnecessary for the average citizen. It has become a way for big businesses and governments to control what we read, hear, and understand. He sheds light by partnering with such reputable publications as NewsMax.com, Lifezeet.com, DailyCaller.com, TheHill.com, Reganbaby.com, the dailysurge.com, and many others on what truth in journalism is, not what has been whitewashed for all those being brainwashed to understand. He puts forth his business experience and challenges his readers to open their minds to new insights and ways of taking a closer look at our world. For more information, visit danperkinsmedia.org.

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