W4CY 4/9/2020 & W4VET 4/12/2020

Dr. Scott Magill will be discussing the new therapies being tested and used for the Coronavirus. And he will also be explaining the New Stimulus Package.

Dr. William Scott Magill became increasingly concerned over our country’s dramatic downward turn towards tyranny. He closed his successful OB/GYN practice and founded Veterans in Defense of Liberty (TM), where he now serves as Executive Director. He is board chairman of Veterans in Defense of Liberty Action Committee TM, past president of Missouri Republican Assembly. He is the recipient of the Missouri Republican Party – Milton Friedman Award, and the Daughters of the American Revolution “Distinguished Citizen Medal Award.” Dr. Magill is the past chairman of the board and governmental affairs officer of Rolling Thunder ® Inc. Chapter 1 Missouri. He now serves as a member of, The Council for National Policy, and the Ft. Worth Airpower Council. Dr. Magill served in the United States Marine Corps and the United States Army Medical Corps. For more information go to https://vidolamerica.org/

Don StenbergOur second guest is Former Nebraska Attorney General, Don Stenberg, who argued the partial-birth abortion case of Stenberg v Carhart in the U.S. Supreme Court, joins us to discuss the upcoming June Medical Services case, as wells as the possibility of this case or related case might overturn the historic Roe vs. Wade case legalizing abortion. The high-profile abortion case of June Medical Services v Russo was argued in the U.S. Supreme Court on March 4.

He has a new book Eavesdropping on Lucifer and is currently on a book tour promoting the new book.  You can pre-order the book on Amazon.com or barnesandnoble.com.

For more information about the book go to: eavesdropping on Lucifer.com.


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