W4CY 5-04-2023 & W4VET 5-07-2023

Beth Ann Blackwood, author of Moving Forward Looking Back.Beth Ann Blackwood is our second guest today and will discuss her new book Moving Forward, Looking Back. Beth Ann is an Amazon Bestselling author and self-employed commercial litigator from Dallas, Texas. Moving Forward Looking Back is a book by author, Beth Ann Blackwood.She is widowed with 4 stepchildren, two step-grandchildren, and 4 recently acquired double step-grandchildren (her term for her stepson’s stepkids). She graduated from Baylor University with a degree in psychology and from Baylor Law School. She has worked in law and politics and is an AV-rated lawyer. Outside work, she is an avid marathon runner, having run 42 marathons, and hopes to compete in a half ironman.

“Moving Forward, Looking Back” is the story of a woman overcoming grief after the death of her husband. Beth Ann tells her story in two parts, before and after the death of Tom, and interweaves them together in a captivating recollection of their life together and how she finds the strength to live again. It is an inspirational back-and-forth journey through the joys and hardships of life. It is a week-by-week catalog of Beth Ann’s first year after her husband Tom’s death, written in real-time. Each of the 52 chapters is broken into two parts, starting with the present and then reflecting on the thirty-two-year tumultuous relationship between two Type A people, from its rocky beginning to its heartbreaking end. Winding its way through the dusty plains of West Texas oil country, Nixon-era dirty politics, high-stakes courtroom battles, and medical setbacks. The book tells in unflinching detail Beth Ann’s efforts to withstand her black hole of grief over Tom’s death by looking back at their imperfect, passionate love story and using every tool available to move forward into her new, unasked-for present. The part love story, part lamentation, part tentative hope, “Moving Forward, Looking Back” will resonate with anyone who has experienced devastating loss. In addition to “Moving Forward, Looking Back,” Beth Ann has authored four additional books. For more information on Beth Ann or to purchase her book, visit Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or her website, www.bethannblackwood.com


Faye McCrayOur second guest today is Faye McCray, Vice President and Head of Health Equity and Social Impact, Healthgrades, a division of RVO Health, the largest health & well-being platform in the United States, helping nearly 100 million people take action around their health. Ms. McCray will discuss what women seek in healthcare, their current challenges, and the importance of preventative care and early detection. Did you know women make most healthcare decisions but often take care of their children and other family members before themselves? A recent Healthgrades survey found only about half of women had a dental appointment or an annual physical in the last year, and even fewer, just over a third, visited a gynecologist. Faye is a former healthcare attorney, author, speaker, and advocate whose work has been featured in many popular publications. For more information, visit www.fayemccray.com or healthgrades.com.


Dr. Tessa SokolOur third guest, Dr. Tessa Sokol, a Wisconsin native, has traveled the country to gain her education, skills, and community-focused outlook, bringing it back to Wisconsin and, ultimately, Sokol Advanced EyeCare. Dr. Sokol got her start in the optical field in 1998, beginning as an optician and then becoming an optometrist. Dr. Sokol will discuss allergy season and ask if you have been experiencing itchy eyes…for months? You may be one of 66 million US adults with eye allergies1. Dr. Tessa Sokol confirms the intensity of this year’s allergy season. She offers tips and encouragement for managing your eye allergy itch. Dr. Sokol will also discuss what doctors are seeing: The effects of an extended allergy season. Common allergens that can trigger indoor and outdoor eye allergies. For more information on Dr. Sokol, visit her website, sokoleyecare.com. Dr. Sokol talks about Prevention vs. Treatment: How to prioritize your eye health during peak allergy season. How to relieve itchy, watery allergy eyes with eye drops at the source, and details on over-the-counter options like Pataday® Once Daily Relief Extra Strength eye allergy itch relief drop.2     

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