W4CY 5/28/2020 & W4VET 5/31/2020

Our guest today is the author and ordained Evangelist, Brother Fredrick Ezeji-Okoye he discusses his book “Who Prays for the Pastor?” He tells how he had been called to minister to those who minister, being led by God to create an organization called the Men of Faith Network.

He develops his ideas and provides encouragement and advice in his book, Who Prays for the Pastor? Aimed at an audience of both pastors as well as their parishioners, Ezeji-Okoye offers practical information for both parishioners as well as pastors on a variety of subjects, all aimed at supporting pastors in their life and work.

“Parishioners should share the burden of praying for our pastors. Week after week, we come to receive that which God has poured into them. We have many expectations of them, expressed and unexpressed,” Ezeji-Okoye explains. “How often does the average congregant stop to consider the pastor’s needs? If the pastor is doing all the pouring, how is he being replenished? It is time to become the ones who pray for our pastors.” With chapters ranging from stress and financial pressures to others about wellness and family life, the book is one that individuals may benefit from reading, and some groups have begun purchasing in quantity to share with congregations and organizations for pastors. The book even ends with a chapter of intercessory prayers provided by others. ” Who Prays for the Pastor?” [ISBN: 978-1-946889-48-5, $9.99] was published by Carpenter’s Son Publishing. It is available from online retailers and selected bookstores. For more information, visit the Liberty Foundation, LLC.

Eileen DardenEileen Darden of Eagle Watch Products discusses how the company was started by her brother Anthony Watson. While overseas serving with the Military they needed to protect themselves from Bed Bugs. So he invented a purely Natural product.  Later his inventions were used in the Home Health Care Industry to protect workers.

Later the company decided to bring its products to everyone and started developing the second product the Mosquito Eliminator which both products are today used all over the country. For more information go to Eagle Watch Products

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