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TShane Johnson My first guest today is TShane Johnson. TShane comes from a family of cattlemen and who, while stationed at Camp Pendleton was attacked by a gang, robbed, and left for dead. His injuries caused him to nearly bleed to death. He managed to drag himself to a fire station where he received medical assistance and was airlifted to a nearby hospital. While in flight, he flatlined and had to be resuscitated twice and at the hospital, doctors had to restart his heart once more.

Today, TShane who is a Marine Corps veteran, father, author, advocate, and motivational speaker, T Shane broke a Guinness World Record when he performed 3,050 pushups in one hour, but he fell short in his attempt at a 12-hour pushup record. TShane Johnson, a U.S. Marines veteran from Pineville, started his record attempt by performing 3,050 pushups in an hour, breaking the previous record of 2,900. The public event began at 6 am ET at the Southpaw Training Center in Pineville, NC. The date is significant because it represents the 32nd anniversary of Paddy Doyle setting the current record. Johnson’s record attempts raised money for the National Purple Heart Honor Mission.  https://www.facebook.com/SouthpawTrainingCenter/

Our next guest is Hip-Hop Artist David Rush he is raising his voice to help 39 Million Americans with Chronic Kidney DIsease. He recorded songs with Pitbull, went on tour as his opening act and…has been battling Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) for over 14 years. Rush is now on a mission to educate people on CKD– especially minorities, as Black Americans are three times as likely to develop end-stage renal disease compared to White Americans. David’s first signs of trouble appeared when he was in high school, during a physical for football. High protein levels indicated poor kidney function, but it wasn’t until he was older that he discovered just how poorly his kidneys were functioning and needed dialysis. As CKD progresses, patients face an increased risk of potentially serious conditions, like anemia and hyperkalemia, that can make it more difficult to manage the disease.

David hopes to shed light on the gaps in care that Black Americans face within CKD, which is why he’s joining a campaign called Unfiltered Kidney Conversations; a program that empowers patients to have real, no-holds-barred conversations with their doctors by showing them the strength and honesty of others with similar health experiences. David will also be able to discuss his personal journey with CKD and how he’s been able to overcome the challenges he faced.

Joining David is Dr. Jessica Coleman, MD, Nephrology Specialist she will discuss how to better support patients who face this disease and how to increase awareness among minority communities. Dr. Coleman will be able to add a fresh perspective to a conversation centered around increasing awareness of CKD and associated conditions among minorities. She will also discuss how patients can have more meaningful conversations with their doctors about CKD and the symptoms they’re experiencing. https://www.unfilteredkidneyconvos.com/

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