W4CY 6/25/2020 & W4VET 6/28/2020

Our first guest is Dr. Mark Johnson the author of Covenant Relationship Series. Today he discusses his second in the series “The Covenant of Marriage”. this book contrasts the outcome of our culture’s approach to love, intimacy, and Marriage with God’s plan. God has a detailed plan to build the best Marriages, ones which fulfill the deepest desires of our hearts. This plan instructs us on how to treat each other so as to build the strongest hearts toward each other, but there is far more. God has built mechanisms within us, as well as drives and desires, which His plan coordinates into an effective approach to produce mutual growth and transformation in the context of a safe, supportive relationship. God’s plan is designed to develop people capable of loving for a lifetime across through all the challenges of family life. You can purchase his book on Amazon or fine book stores. For more information go to his website at https://www.markjohnsonmdauthor.com/


 Our second guest is Chris Johnson, USPS Program Manager, Safety Awareness she will discuss Dog attacks that are a nationwide issue and not just a postal problem. The Postal Service is driving home the message that dog bites are a national problem and education can help resolve the issue. As the U.S. Postal Service’s Program Manager, Safety Awareness, Chris Johnson is responsible for developing and implementing nationwide safety programs. To spread the word on social media, use word the hashtag #preventdogbites. 



Our last guest is Joel Marion, Best Selling Author and BioTRUST Co-Founder, Joel teaches us how to still enjoy the simple pleasure of sweet and salty past dinner without gaining weight. Conventional diet wisdom tells us we should avoid carbs, have an early dinner, and never eat before bedtime. But the fact is, the latest scientific research just doesn’t bear this out. In fact, you can enjoy social dinners and dining out without restriction, can satisfy nighttime hunger with fat-burning sweet and salty pre-bedtime snacks, and further indulge your cravings, all while accelerating your fat loss results. With straightforward food lists and easy-to-follow meal plans, it can be enjoyable to lose weight, especially without feeling restricted. In the end, it’s every dieter’s dream.

Always Eat After 7 PM: The Revolutionary Rule-Breaking Diet That Lets You Enjoy Huge Dinners, Desserts, and Indulgent Snacks―While Burning Fat Overnight . Based on surprising science, Always Eat After 7 PM debunks popular diet myths and offers an easy-to-follow diet that accelerates fat-burning and allows you to indulge in your most intense food cravings: Eating the majority of your calories at night. For more information, visit www.JoelMarion.com

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