W4CY 6-29-2023 and W4VET 7-2-2023

Benny DiChiaraWe are thrilled to have Benny DiChiara, singer, songwriter, and brain trauma survivor, along with his chart-topping indie Christian rock band, Empowered, returning to our show! In this special episode, Benny will share insights about his latest music video, “Jesus Can Heal the World.”

“Jesus Can Heal the World,” the incredible first single and video from Empowered’s newest EP, “YAHWEH-NISSI AlbumYAHWEH-NISSI,” has been written by Benny DiChiara and his esteemed co-writer, Mikey Howard, the lead singer of 7eventh Time Down. The EP, released by Slingshot Records, is receiving much praise and attention. Moreover, Benny will also discuss how “YAHWEH-NISSI,” is a remarkable testament to Benny’s unwavering faith and resolute courage in a world struggling to regain footing after the pandemic.

Collaborating with Mikey Howard, who also served as our album producer, on “Jesus Can Heal the World” has been an absolute honor and privilege,” shared Benny DiChiara. “In today’s world, plagued by evil and unrest, this song carries a message of hope. It’s about the power of Jesus to heal our world when everything else seems impossible.”

Coinciding with the success of their previous single, the band has reached a milestone with the poignant ballad “I’ll Meet You There (Daddy’s Song),” dedicated to Benny’s late father, who lost his battle with cancer in 2020. The single secured the No. 1 spot on Indiegospel.net’s Top 20 Songs chart in April 2023.

For more information on Benny DiChiara and Empowered, visit Rockin4Jesus.com.

Allen BrokkenWe welcome our second guest, Allen Brokken, who is not only a dedicated teacher but also a loving husband and father. With God’s abundant grace, Allen has discovered the joy of writing. He embarked on a mission to create the Towers of Light: Light of MineTowers of Light series, originally intended for his own children. Through these captivating books, Allen aims to convey profound biblical truths in an engaging and age-appropriate manner.

During our interview, Allen sheds light on his book series, delving into its themes and inspirations. He recognized a recurring issue among children with a technical mindset—many seemed disengaged when exposed to conventional educational programs. Determined to bridge this gap, Allen crafted the Light Mind Unit Study, a supplementary curriculum for the first book in the Towers of Light series. This Christian fantasy adventure caters to middle-grade readers and integrates biblical values with educational activities. Moreover, Allen’s Light of Mine Unit Study, suitable for students in grades 3-6, expands on this approach, providing an enriching educational experience.

Having dedicated 18 years to volunteer roles in children’s ministry and youth development, Allen has gained valuable insights into connecting with young minds. Now, with his own children off to college, he focuses on sharing stories and clean humor through social media platforms, where you can find him @allenbrokkenauthor. Additionally, he keeps his followers engaged through a newsletter and regularly updates his blog (allenbrokkenauthor.com).

Tune in as we delve into Allen Brokken’s inspiring journey, exploring how he combines storytelling, education, and faith to make a lasting impact on the lives of children.

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