W4CY 6/4/2020 2:00 PM-W4VET 6/7/2020 9:00PM

Our first guest is Laurie Mitchell, AVP, Global Well being & Health, at Unum. She will spotlight key findings from research conducted earlier this year by the nation’s largest employee benefits company, Unum. They found nearly half of employees reported feeling mentally unwell in the previous year. What does this mean to both employers and employees? How can you learn about mental health and other wellness resources available in your workplace? What are the most common resources available? And Laura will also discuss other practical tips for staying mentally and physically healthy during this uncertain time. For more information please visit: www.unum.com/workwell

Allan Topol is a national bestselling author of 16 novels of International Intrigue. Including his newest novel the French Revenge. His novels have been translated into Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, and Hebrew. He is a graduate of the Carnegie Institute of Technology, who majored in chemistry, abandoned science, and obtained a law degree from Yale University. A partner in a major Washington law firm and an avid wine collector, he has traveled extensively, researching dramatic locations for his novels. You can join him on Facebook.

In today’s discussion, he will give you a preview of his new Novel The French Revenge in this exciting novel former US Congressman Anthony Ferrari is now living in Milan and romantically involved with the beautiful Chiara Moretti, one of the world’s top concert pianists. When the two of them are vacationing in Corsica and running on the beach, Chiara is suddenly shot. Enraged, Anthony launches an investigation to determine who is responsible and to punish them. For more excitement and to purchase the book go to Amazon or purchase from any bookstore for more information go to www.allantopol.com

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