W4CY 7/02/2020 & W4VET 7/05/2020

Krissy Miles is our guest today, Author, Pastor, Speaker and today she will be discussing “Executive Brief” for “Courage To Believe – 30 day devotional.” In “The Courage To Believe 30 Day Devotional,” author and pastor helps people explore their improperly held beliefs about God, which are negatively shaping the outcomes of their lives. Pastor Krissy helps people dig deep into their core belief system and reconcile clouded, anti-God ideologies with the truth of the Gospel revealed through Jesus. Readers will finish “The Courage To Believe 30 Day Devotional” feeling refreshed, inspired, and equipped with the proper tools necessary to extract the maximum benefit from God’s word. For more information go to https://www.krissymiles.com/

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