W4CY 8/05/2021 & W4VET 8/8/2021

Don GladdenOur first guest is Don Gladden co-author of Oblivion's Reach Book coverOblivion’s Reach (The Darkness Series Book1) he and his co-author Michael Stafford have teamed up to write a story set in today’s American heartland, in an out-of-the-way place called Little Egypt that encompasses the small towns of southern Illinois. In Oblivion’s Reach as evil begins to seep into Murphysboro, God’s faithful take notice. A band of unlikely heroes, including many combat veterans, moves into action to counter the unseen and unknown. Eventually, heaven’s army enters the fray to protect and defend.

Oblivion’s Reach is the first book in a new series that highlights the spiritual battle happening all around us, but largely unrecognized, even by Christians. Yet co-author Don Gladden, who came up with the concept for the books set in his home region, says he does not think we are living now in the end times, but we are just on the cusp. “No, it will get much worse,” he says matter-of-factly. “But the trouble we are seeing in our cities, in our government at local and national levels, this all is a warm-up for the days yet to come.” He wants people to see the spiritual battle going on around us. For more information go to his website  www.dongladdenauthor.com or goodreads.com/book/show/48988744-oblivion-s-reach

Angela AlexanderOur next guest is Angela Alexander, military veteran, wife, mother, author, and National Speaker. She will discuss her book Miracles in Action book coverMiracles in Action a compelling story of triumph in the face of unspeakable tragedy. It will bring you to tears and it will make you smile. It will amaze you. It will restore your faith. It will comfort and console you. Above all, Miracles in Action will reveal to you and your loved ones how you, too, can recognize the miracles in action in your lives and turn pain into power and grief into peace. This moving and powerful testimony has strengthened the faith of believers and helped turn non-believers into believers.

Miracles in Action will make you laugh and cry, but after listening to this story, you too, will see that no matter what your situation may look like on the surface, God is in control, and miracles are always in action. Get ready to hear and see Angela share the Glory behind the story of this absolutely fascinating, supernatural testimony from the living God we serve.  To contact her for speaking opportunities, visit her website www.miraclesinaction.com.

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