W4CY 8-17-2023 and W4VET 8-20-2023

Anthony F. Bruce, CPAOn our broadcast today on “Let’s Just Talk,” Kathryn interviews her first guest, CPA Anthony F. Bruce, one of her regular Business Experts. Anthony’s topic today is Workhorse Tax Strategies. Anthony uses these strategies with his clients, especially in Real Estate and Software Development.  Anthony F. Bruce  CPA firm focuses on strategic tax planning & advisory for small to medium size businesses, families, and individuals.

Our expert started his own CPA tax advisory & consulting firm in 1999. After years of working for large and small companies, Anthony finally returned to his passion for helping others.  Anthony always had his hand in business operations and management experience as a strategic proactive thinker. That’s what his clients love and what sets his business apart. Anthony’s firm focuses on strategic tax planning & advisory for small to medium size businesses, families, and individuals.

They are more than “just” accountants- stressing an experience that fuels your growth. “Clearly as you grow you will require a resource to help manage cash flow, reduce taxes, and integrate the financial resources of your network.” Their  Specialties include Tax Planning, Advisory and Management, Financial Management, CFO, and Accounting. If you’re not using someone who truly knows your business, contact Anthony F. Bruce CPA  today visit his website at afbcpa.com you will find everything you need.

Sharon E. Martin, M.D., Ph.D author of Maximize Your Healing PowerMeet our second guest Sharon E. Martin, M.D., Ph.D., graduated from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and is a board-certified physician of Internal Medicine with a doctorate in physiology. Today on Lets Just Talk she will discuss her new book, Maximize your Healing Power by Sharon E. Martin, M.D., Ph.DMaximize Your Healing Power: Shamanic Healing Techniques to Overcome Your Health Challenges.”

For more than 20 years, Dr. Martin has been blending allopathic medicine with ancient shamanic and energy techniques to help her patients not only heal but also increase their vitality. In this practical guide to her program of Maximum Medicine, Dr. Martin shows how understanding the energetics behind health imbalances and applying shamanic and energy medicine techniques can shift our health, change the course of illness, and allow us to increaseour life force. Explaining how the basis of true healing is through awareness of and access to the energy body, she reveals how to sense the energy body to develop greater control over our health.

Bridging the mystical and the scientific, Dr. Martin looks at new ways of seeing illness and visualizing the potential for healing using symbolic medicine wheels based on the elements, the compass directions, the four perspectives (literal, emotional, spiritual, and energetic), and the inner tasks of intuitive exploration, amplification, intention setting, and ritual. She describes how to view your organ systems and health challenges through the Andean symbol of the Chacana, which can help you understand your challenges and the journey to overcome them. She examines the process of the Four A’s (aware, allow, act, affirm), the actions one takes to enact change and healing. The author also explores how to amplify your mindfulness using a new Mindfulness Matrix, which in turn leads to a greater ability to self-reflect and bring about healing.

She is a graduate of the Healing the Light Body curriculum of the Four Winds Society and the host of two radio shows, Maximum Medicine, and SacredMagic, aired on the Transformation Talk Radio network. A doctor at a rural health clinic, she lives in Hustontown, Pennsylvania. To order her book go to Amazon.com or bookkstores everywhere.  For more information on  Dr. Martin, visit her website, drsharonmartin.com.

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