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Our first guest today is the inspiring Author, Cindy SaabCindy Saab, an Author and Bible teacher, here to share her new book, “Beyond: Finding Strength and Hope Through Unexpected Storm," by Cindy SaabBeyond: Finding Strength and Hope Through Unexpected Storms.” Cindy’s message is centered on finding refuge in the storms of life with the God of hope. Through insightful Bible teaching, thought-provoking questions, and heartwarming stories of others who have faced rough waters, Cindy guides us toward a brighter future.

In her book, “Beyond,” Cindy Saab leads us on a journey to discover the God of hope. Drawing from the Bible’s wisdom, she provides encouraging lessons to navigate life’s challenges. Daily lessons break down complex concepts into easily understandable pieces, and journaling prompts offer a safe space to pour out a hurting heart to the Savior. Amidst the darkest clouds, Cindy shows us how to find refuge, hope, trust, love, joy, and strength.

Cindy is an award-winning Bible study author, a passionate communicator, and a strong biblical teacher. She actively participates in Christian writing and speaking conferences and coordinates for a nationwide Christian outreach ministry. As a mother of two adult children, she enjoys spending time at the local coffee shop or the inspirational beach near her New Hampshire home. To find out more about her book, visit her website cindysaab.com.

Our second guest, Michael Letts

Michael A. Letts, President of In-Vest USAMoving on to our second guest, Michael Letts, the President and Founder of Invest USA, who joins us as our regular expert on current events. In-Vest USAToday, Michael discusses the pressing issue of active shooters in Atlanta and other parts of the country, shedding light on Police Unions as well. He passionately talks about how his organization, In-Vest USA, saves countless officers and first responders from danger by providing free bulletproof vests and equipment to communities across America.

Michael Letts is a dedicated individual who has spent 30 years in law enforcement. Through InVest USA, a national grassroots non-profit organization, he has made a significant impact on communities, ensuring their police forces are well-equipped and protected. To learn more about Michael Letts and his remarkable work, please visit his official website at www.investusa.org.

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