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Join Us for John & Emily Goodwin from Galaxy Press

John Goodwin and Emily JonesThis week, we enjoy hosting John and Emily Goodwin from Galaxy Press. They are joining us to discuss the 39th edition of The L. Ron Hubbard Writers and Illustrators of the Future contest. Over the years, these contests have significantly impacted science fiction and fantasy. Their influence on the industry is immeasurable, with a rich history of nurturing new writers and illustrators for over three decades.

John Goodwin, President of Galaxy Press, has been involved in book publishing since 1986. He is responsible for publishing all the fiction works of bestselling author L. Ron Hubbard, including the renowned Writers of the Future anthology, which has completed its 36th year. John’s expertise extends beyond publishing as he has served on the board of the Audio Publishers Association, a national organization dedicated to the audio publishing industry. Additionally, he has actively engaged with the Hollywood community, serving as a board member of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and the Friends of Hollywood Central Park. John is also the President of the Hollywood Christmas Parade and an Honorary Commander of the United States Air Force. His affiliations include memberships in prestigious organizations such as the Explorers Club, Science Fiction Writers of America, Mystery Writers of America, and Western Writers of America.

Emily Goodwin, Vice President of Public Affairs at Galaxy Press, has been involved in book publishing since 2007. She plays a crucial role as the producer of the Writers of the Future annual Achievement Awards and the online writing workshop. Emily actively participates in the Independent Book Publishers Association as a contest judge for the Benjamin Franklin Awards. She is also a member of the Audio Publishers Association. As Vice President of the Hollywood Christmas Parade, Emily efficiently coordinates the efforts of over 500 volunteers, contributing to the success of one of the most celebrated Christmas Parades worldwide. Since 2018, Emily has proudly held the position of Honorary Commander for the US Air Force. For more information, visit galaxypress.com.

Michael Letts on Current Events and and Politics in the Country

Michael A. Letts, President of In-Vest USAMoving on to our final guest, Michael Letts, the President and Founder of Invest USA, who joins us as our regular expert on current events. In-Vest USAToday, Michael discusses the current state of the country. He also talks about the lawlessness especially in Blue States and also now across other parts of the country.. He gives ideas and suggestions on how we can help our local Officers in Blue. .

He passionately talks about how his organization, In-Vest USA, saves countless officers and first responders from danger by providing free bulletproof vests and equipment to communities across America. Michael Letts is a dedicated individual who has spent 30 years in law enforcement. Through InVest USA, a national grassroots non-profit organization, he has made a significant impact on communities, ensuring their police forces are well-equipped and protected. To learn more about Michael Letts and his remarkable work, please visit his official website at www.investusa.org.

Thank you for joining us on today’s episode of Let’s Just Talk with Kathryn Raaker! We hope you find inspiration and valuable insights from our incredible guests.

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