W4CY 9-14-2023 and W4VET 9-17-2023

Dr. Paul Mikulecky, Chief Medical Officer of Carelon Health

Dr Paul MikuleckyOur first guest, Dr. Paul Mikulecky, Chief Medical Officer of Carelon Health, will discuss the importance of preventative care and what we need to know about this year’s flu season and the new COVID variants. Dr. Mikulecky is an advanced primary care physician overseeing the clinical providers for 38 care centers and field-based home care clinicians nationwide. His doctors and other healthcare professionals help patients identify which vaccines are recommended for specific age groups and factor in other health conditions.

Immunizations aren’t just for kids going back to school

Did you know Immunizations aren’t just for kids going back to school? Healthy older adults – especially those with complex or chronic health conditions – should immunizations be part of their preventive care routine to protect their health? According to the CDC, getting vaccinated is one of the safest ways to prevent getting or spreading serious diseases that could result in serious illness, missed work, medical bills, or inability to care for family members. Flu, COVID-19, and pneumococcal pneumonia are all well-known health risks for older adults and can lead to major illness, hospitalization, and even death. But the good news is that they are all highly preventable with vaccines or annual booster shots. For more information go visit www.carelonbehavioralhealth.com.

Chaim S. Abittan, MD, Gastroenterologist and Hepatologist Discusses P-B-C

Chaim S. Abittan, MDOur second guest today is Dr. Chaim S. Abittan, Gastroenterologist and Hepatologist, next to discuss a rare autoimmune disease that destroys the liver, Primary Biliary Cholangitis or P-B-C. The month of September is PBC AWARENESS MONTH.  Joining Dr. Abittan is Susan, a retired nurse living with P-B-C. Did you know women particularly mothers often feel overlooked when it comes to their own health? But there’s a specific population in the U.S. that feels even more profoundly those living with P-B-C.


Individuals living with P-B-C often feel invisible symptoms downplayed by others because they aren’t obvious to those around them symptoms like severe fatigue and debilitating itching of the skin. Together Dr. Abittan and Retired Nurse Susan, who has P-B-C, will give us an inside look at life with P-B-C, including the challenges of this invisible disease. For more information on this rare disease go visit, www.mayoclinic.org

Brenda Tracy, the founder of Set the Expectation

Brenda Tracy, founder of Set The Expectation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organizationLastly, we are honored to introduce Brenda Tracy, the founder of Set The Expectation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. What began as Brenda’s personal journey has evolved into a mission-driven initiative supported by a dedicated team committed to making a meaningful impact.

Over the years, Brenda’s story has resonated with thousands of athletes across over 100 college campuses. As a nonprofit, we have collaborated with our campus partners to raise over $142,000 for community agencies that assist survivors of sexual violence. We have hosted over 500 Set The Expectation events, with over 54,000 pledges signed. Our influence has extended beyond the realm of sports, reaching campus Greek Life and the corporate sector. Notably, we played a pivotal role in advocating for the NCAA’s adoption of a Campus Sexual Violence Policy.

Brenda Tracy’s courageous story has reverberated through team meeting rooms, newspaper articles, and television segments since she came forward in 2014. During this time, she has educated, engaged, and inspired thousands of athletes, coaches, and sports enthusiasts to join the fight against sexual and interpersonal violence. In 1998, Brenda survived a brutal gang rape perpetrated by four college football players, two of whom were from Oregon State. She took immediate steps, including seeking medical attention and filing a police report, hoping for justice. Unfortunately, as is often the case with such incidents, justice remained elusive.

As Brenda shared her story and mission, it became evident that some programs and coaches were setting clear expectations that sexual assault and interpersonal violence would not be tolerated, while others were not taking such action. Shockingly, some coaches were actively recruiting and retaining individuals with a history of violence on their teams.

#SetTheExpectation campaign

In 2017, Brenda took a significant step by launching the “SetTheExpectation” campaign. It started with a simple pledge, accompanied by a hashtag, urging coaches to establish expectations with their players regarding harmful behaviors such as rape and stalking. Stanford Football and Penn State Men’s Basketball were among the first to endorse the pledge, igniting a grassroots movement. For more information go visit www.settheexpectation.org.

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