W4CY on 11-24-2022 & W4VET on 11-27-2022

Tywon Hubbard, CEO of H2Hubb, LLC and creator of the YouTube channel, H2MinutesOur first guest today is Tywon Hubbard, CEO of H2Hubb, LLC, and the creator of the YouTube channel H2Minutes. Tywon has been involved in the therapeutic hydrogen industry on many different levels for more than eight years. These levels include sales, corporate, ownership, third-party, product development and analysis, and education. Tywon has been mentored by some of the industry’s top researchers, educators, and engineers in this field of study. He was the first to receive the MHI (Molecular Hydrogen Institute) Level 3 Professional Certification. Through H2HUBB and H2Minutes, he seeks to educate simply as many people as possible about the therapeutic potential of molecular hydrogen and its associated sciences. Several of his articles on molecular hydrogen for medicinal use have been featured on Cancer Tutor, a prominent non-profit cancer site. He was also privileged to be quoted in an article about Hydrogen Water in the November 2019 issue of Avant Garde (see page 56). Lastly, H2HUBB publicized calculations for hydrogen water (cent/milligram unit (¢/mg)) has been featured in scientific literature. Mr. Hubbard aims to serve the industry at every level: customers, companies, and manufacturers. For more information, go to his website H2Hubb.com.


Kelli Jordan, Director of Careers and Skills at IBMOur last guest is Kelli Jordan, Director of Career and Skills at IBM. She will discuss how earn-and-learn programs like apprenticeships can help organizations uncover hidden talent pools and build a more skilled and inclusive workforce. Over the last two years, the workplace has seen drastic changes to accommodate working from home. Many organizations were forced to expedite their digital transformations, thus introducing new advanced technologies. The issue that continues to be raised by this rapid transformation is the difficulty of finding candidates with the right set of skills. To tackle this issue, IBM established its Apprenticeship Program five years ago this month. The program provides an entry point into IBM for candidates with relevant skills who may not have a traditional four-year degree – this skills-first approach is part of the IBM “New Collar” initiative. The program is registered with the U.S. Department of Labor and allows apprentices to earn a paycheck while they build skills for various strategic roles. IBM believes apprenticeships can help close the opportunity gap and narrow the skills gap in IT. To promote this approach, IBM is investing $250 million in apprenticeships and similar New-Collar programs by 2025. For more information, please visit IBM Apprenticeships.

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