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Author and Commercial Litigator Beth Ann Blackwood Talks about Her New Book, “Forward, Looking Back”

Beth Ann Blackwood, author of Moving Forward Looking Back.Today on “Let’s Just Talk!” with Kathryn Raaker, our first guest is the incredible Beth Ann Blackwood, who will be sharing insights from her latest book, “Moving Forward, Looking Back.” Beth Ann is an Amazon Bestselling author and a self-employed commercial litigator from the vibrant city of Dallas, Texas. Today, however, we delve into her book and her enduring passion for the law as a self-employed litigator.

With a story that’s deeply personal, Beth Ann opens up about her journey as a widow with four stepchildren, two step-grandchildren, and even four recently acquired double step-grandchildren (a term she lovingly coined for her stepson’s stepkids). She brings a unique blend of academic excellence, holding degrees in psychology from Baylor University and in law from Baylor Law School, and a professional career marked by AV-rated recognition. Beyond her work, she’s an avid marathon runner with an impressive tally of 42 marathons under her belt and aspirations to compete in a half-ironman.

Beth Ann’s book, “Moving Forward, Looking Back,” is a moving narrative of her journey through grief after losing her husband. She narrates her story in two parts, divided into life before and after the loss of her beloved Tom. Seamlessly intertwining these two facets, she shares a compelling recollection of their life together and how she discovered the strength to carry on. It’s a poignant, inspirational voyage through life’s ups and downs, chronicling her first year after Tom’s passing in real-time through 52 chapters, each split into two parts. She begins with the present moment, then delves into the thirty-two-year rollercoaster relationship between two Type A personalities, from its tumultuous start to its heart-wrenching conclusion. The story meanders through the dusty plains of West Texas oil country, the era of Nixon-era dirty politics, high-stakes courtroom battles, and medical setbacks. In unflinching detail, Beth Ann shares her struggles to navigate the abyss of grief by revisiting their imperfect yet passionate love story and utilizing every available resource to move forward into an unforeseen future. For more information on Beth Ann or to purchase her book, visit Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or her website, www.bethannblackwood.com.


J. Ofori Agboka, Amazon’s Vice President of People Experience & Technology for Global Operations

Ofori Agboka, the Vice President of People Experience and Technology (PXT) for Global Operations at AmazonOur second guest today is Ofori Agboka, the Vice President of People Experience and Technology (PXT) for Global Operations at Amazon. In this capacity, he holds the reins over worldwide Human Resource (HR) practices for Fulfillment, Transportation, Delivery, Customer Service, Employee Relations (ER), and Workplace Health and Safety. Leading a team that supports the positive employment life cycle of over 700,000 Amazonians worldwide, his mission is crystal clear to grow the business through people.

Amazon just announced it will hire full-time, part-time, and seasonal employees in record numbers this year with signing bonuses in select areas. The company plans to hire 250,000 employees throughout the U.S. in full-time, part-time and seasonal roles. rive business growth through its people.   Ofori Agboka will talk more about hiring and how the company is hoping for higher wages and bonuses up to $3,000 will bring more qualified employees.  For more information visit their website, hiring.amazon.com.


Divisional Chief Medical officer, the American Red Cross, Dr. Baia Lasky, Discusses Urgent Plea for blood donations

Dr. Baia Lasky, the divisional chief medical officer for the American Red Cross.Our last guest today is none other than Dr. Baia Lasky, the divisional chief medical officer for the American Red Cross. Dr. Lasky will shed light on the critical issue of a dwindling blood supply and how you can play a pivotal role in assisting the American Red Cross. There’s an urgent plea for blood donations following a nearly 25 percent drop in the national blood supply since August. Life-saving blood is absolutely crucial for patients in need of emergency surgery, cancer care, and the management of chronic conditions like sickle cell disease.

Dr. Baia Lasky is a board-certified physician in Blood Banking and Transfusion Medicine, with her training originating from UCLA. She joined the medical directors’ team at the American Red Cross in 2019, following her role as faculty for the transfusion service at Harbor-UCLA, a county hospital equipped with a level 1 trauma center serving South Los Angeles. Beyond immediate donor and patient care in Georgia, Dr. Lasky’s career interests encompass platelet transfusion practices and product development, addressing the needs of blood donor diversity in Sickle Cell Disease, inventory stewardship, pediatric transfusion medicine, and the development of educational materials pertaining to these subjects. For more information visit RedCrossBlood.org.

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