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Illustrator Sarah Morrison and Author David Hankins

Welcome to “Let’s Just Talk” with Kathryn Raaker! Today, we have a special feature for you. We spotlight two incredibly talented individuals, Artist Sarah Morrison and Author David Hankins. Both of them are winners in prestigious contests that celebrate emerging creative talent in the world of speculative fiction.

Accomplished Fantasy Illustrator

Award-winning fantasy Illustrator, Sarah MorrisonSarah Morrison, an accomplished fantasy illustrator and portrait artist, hails from Canada but currently calls the outskirts of Boston her home. Her artistic journey predominantly involves the enchanting medium of oil paint. Sarah’s work revolves around figurative art that sparks narratives, with a keen focus on the intricate details of faces and fabric. Her art is a gateway to escapism through fantasy, often infused with whimsy and enigmatic elements. Sarah’s illustrations are carefully crafted to ignite a sense of wonder, urging viewers to weave their own stories around each piece. In addition to oil painting, she occasionally dabbles in printmaking techniques and textiles. Sarah is now juggling her artistic pursuits with the joys of motherhood, residing with her husband, their new baby, and a feline companion.


Proficient Author

Author, David HankinsOn the literary side, we have David Hankins, who hails from the thriving cornfields of Iowa. David’s writing journey began in the oral tradition of crafting inventive bedtime stories for his daughter, although the “Go to Sleep” part often proved challenging. Undeterred, he began transcribing his imaginative midnight ramblings to keep his storylines intact. David’s dedication to storytelling led him to craft lighthearted speculative fiction, as he believes the world could use more humor. With his wife, daughter, and two cats that may secretly be dragons, David creates stories that tickle the imagination. David served in the US Army for two decades, embarking on a journey that took him across Europe, Central Asia, and the United States. Now retired from the Army, he dedicates his time to writing and traveling with his family.

Writers and Illustrators of the Future

David Hankins and Sarah Morrison at WotF2023-September 18, 2023But that’s not all—Sarah Morrison and David Hankins were recently honored alongside other exceptional artists and writers at the Taglyan Complex in Hollywood, California, on April 28th. Sarah illustrated David’s award-winning story, “Death and the Taxman,” which earned him recognition as a Writers of the Future winner. This fantastic tale, along with captivating stories and art from their fellow winners, has been published in the international bestselling anthology, “L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future Volume 39,” officially released on May 16th.

So, stay tuned as we dive into the worlds of art and storytelling with Sarah Morrison and David Hankins. Their journeys are sure to inspire and captivate your imagination. For more information about the Contests, visit: www.WritersoftheFuture.com.

Author Dr. Jerry Willbur New Book Rise of The True Blue Rebellion

"True Blue Rebellion" author, Dr. Jerry WillburOur next guest on “Let’s Just Talk” with Kathryn Raaker is the author of the intriging book “Rise of The True Blue Rebellion,” Dr. Jerry Willbur.  Dr. Willbur is here to dive into his this book, which is a continuation of his earlier work, “True Blue Revolution.” Originally penned in 2013 and revised in 2015, this second installment takes us on a gripping journey as it continues the saga of a handful of courageous individuals who find themselves in a relentless battle to safeguard their faith, families, and freedom against seemingly insurmountable odds and otherworldly forces.The Rise of True Blue Rebellion by Dr. Jerry Willbur.

Dr. Willbur wants us to keep in mind that, at their core, both of these books were always meant to be a form of satire. They provide a thought-provoking glimpse into what the American Dream has transformed into and what it could be if we were to redefine our values and attitudes towards political power. Remarkably, the lines between fiction and reality have blurred over the years, with actual events sometimes surpassing the wild scenarios he originally conceived. Despite the temptation to make revisions to the original manuscripts, Dr. Willbur chose not to, as the world unfolding before us is not the one he envisions. However, he emphasizes that unless we collectively step up, become aware, and care, the scenarios depicted in his books could become a chilling reality for all of us.

Distinguished Culture Doctor

Dr. Jerry Willbur brings a wealth of experience to the table. He has enjoyed a long and distinguished career as a culture doctor and senior executive with two prominent international corporations. In addition, he is a successful entrepreneur and an award-winning researcher in the field of mentoring. His extensive background includes collaborations with both national and international organizations, spearheading several thriving startups, and leading mentoring initiatives. Armed with degrees in psychology and a doctorate in human resource development, Dr. Willbur is also the author of numerous books on leadership and culture change.

So, stay tuned as we delve deeper into the thought-provoking world of Dr. Jerry Willbur and his captivating books. His insights and perspective promise to be both enlightening and engaging. For more information and how to purchase both books they are available on www.jerrywillbur.com and available on Amazon.

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