W4CY Radio 9/23/2021 W4VET 9/26/2021

Our first guest is Dr. Scott Curry, Assistant Professor and Associate Hospital Epidemiologist at the Medical University of South Carolina, he will share factual information regarding the Delta variant and COVID-19 vaccines in your community. He will also discuss the availability of vaccinations in your area as well as potential risks and benefits, efficacy, and current safety information. For more information please visit: https://www.vaccines.gov/




Our next guest is Phil Granchi, the author of the new novel Mart of Darkness When More Is Not Enough. Today he will discuss why he wrote this novel and why most of his life he has avoided novel writing.

Mart of Darkness explores, what would happen if everyone on Earth had everything they wanted? How does our materialistic and consumer-driven society shape our humanity? If this present civilization of seemingly endless economic growth ended, what would Mart of Darkness book coverhumanity become? Debut author Phil Granchi utilizes satire to explore these questions and more in Mart of Darkness, a comic dystopian thriller that invites readers to both laughs and reflect on the state of the world. Phil’s many distractions have included collecting fossils in Antarctica, performing a completely improvised university lecture at comedy festivals around the world, working as a freelance graphic artist in direct marketing agencies, and producing online educational games for a now-defunct dot-com startup.

Phil is currently a practicing radiologist and is the president of Mother Lode Diagnostic Imaging, a small private practice radiology group where he fills roles ranging from IT to HR. He earned BS and MS degrees in Geology from Purdue University. He later returned to school, achieving an MD from West Virginia University School of Medicine. Living in rural northern California, he enjoys spending time in the wilderness with his wife and favorite travel companion, Melissa Granchi. You can find out more about Phil Granchi at PhilGranchi.com  Order the book at: https://www.allmartstores.com

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