W4CY & W4VET 1/13/2022

Our last guest today is Kenny G. Down is a bestselling author, speaker, and awakened spiritual seeker.  Kenny G. Down addresses these questions and more in his profound and beautiful new book, The Mirror, the Window, and the Wall: The Life-Changing Power of Finding Your True Self.

Who am I? What is my purpose? How do I find and pursue my heart’s desire? Find the answers to these questions within the pages of this easy-to-read and simple book The Mirror, the Window, and the Wall: The Life-Changing Power of Finding Your True Self. If I lose the roles I play that stand in the way of finding my true self, what will become of me? What if I could see myself the way God sees me and allow others to see that authentic self? Kenny G.’s identity has been hard-won, coming out of many years of addiction to drugs and alcohol and subsequent recovery. The insights and spiritual principles in his writings are ones he has practiced over the course of thirty years of recovery and helping many others on their journeys of spiritual awakening and self-discovery. In all of these works, he shares his own experiences and encourages others to rid themselves of harmful thinking and create the lives they were meant to live. For more information about the book or Kenny G go to https://newthoughtlife.org The videos on the book can be found at:  https://newthoughtlife.org/blog-posts/videos/new-video-series/

Our guest today to help get your fitness goals back on track is Amber McMillan, Vice President of Digital Training & Life Time Weight Loss. Amber started as a Certified Personal Trainer in Michigan in 2000. Discovering her passion for nutrition & product development, at the same time Life Time discovered our need, she was hired as the Brand Manager to launch the first Life Time Nutritional Products line. Relocating to the corporate office in 2002, she began leading the overall retail business for Life Café as well. She left in 2007 to run retail for a chain of 420 fitness clubs but returned in 2014 to lead the Life Time Weight Loss division, then redesign & rebrand GTX, Alpha and UltraFit. She’s excited to be at Life Time when, and where, our members need us most and knows with the launch of our digital platform we can take the amazing experiences to the next level and for the first time, well beyond our four walls. For more information, visit: www.lifetime.life

Our last guest is Kathleen Belmonte Chief Nursing Officer for Fresenius Kidney Care. She discusses why now is the time to keep the shortage of nurses from getting worse, provide relief to those who are ready to quit, and inspire future nurses to enter the profession. Some Important Facts: An August 2021 survey from the American Nurses Foundation finds 34% of nurses say they are not emotionally healthy. According to the same survey 42% of nurses have experienced trauma as a result of COVID-19 The same survey finds 50% of nurses consider leaving their position. Kathleen Belmonte brings 20 years of healthcare experience to her role in leading clinical services for FMCNA’s kidney care division. She is the former chief operating officer for Immediate Care, LLC and served in senior executive roles in the diabetes medical supply and pharmaceutical space. A certified family nurse practitioner and diabetes educator, she holds a master of business administration from Babson College. https://www.freseniuskidneycare.com/