W4CY & W4VET 10/07/2021 2:00 PM ET

Jamie-SchanbaumOur first guest is Jamie Schanbaum, meningitis survivor, US Para-athlete, and GSK spokesperson. Jamie Schanbaum in 2008 was a college freshman getting ready to complete her first semester and head home for the holidays when her life changed forever. In just 24 hours, she went from being a healthy college student to fighting for her life after contracting meningococcal disease, also known as meningitis. Jamie spent seven months in the hospital, ultimately losing both of her legs below the knees, and all of her fingers due to the disease. While many colleges require MenACWY vaccination, MenB vaccination has only been available since 2014, and most colleges still do not require it.[i] She is sharing her story to ensure that parents are aware there are 2 different types of vaccines to help prevent meningitis – one for MenACWY, and one for MenB, to help other families avoid her experience. During the pandemic, it’s more important than ever for parents to educate themselves and utilize the vaccines available to help protect their kids against vaccine-preventable diseases they may be at risk for, like meningitis. For more information visit www.meningitisB.com for more information and resources to bring to your child’s next wellness visit.

Aldo VazquezAldo Vazquez, of AAA, is our next guest he will discuss why Car crashes are the leading safety issue facing children, with approximately 183,000 children injured in 2018.  That’s more than 500 injuries per day, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. We recently celebrated National Child Passenger Safety Week on (Sept. 19-25). AAA clubs nationwide and the NSC are sharing shocking new research showing that 52% of all car seats inspected by Child Passenger Safety Technicians were improperly installed, yet only 1 in 5 consumers seek expert help installing a car seat.how parents and caregivers can educate themselves and seek out the many free resources, such as virtual or in-person car seat inspections in their communities.

Doug HersheyOur last guest is Doug Hershey best-selling author, seasoned tour leader, explorer of biblical lands, and the founder of Ezra Adventures, an Israel-focused travel and education company, takes his readers on a tour of Jerusalem like none other. A gifted storyteller, he shares how the ancient biblical prophecies of Zechariah, foretold in the Bible and in newly-discovered Dead Sea Scrolls, are coming to life in modern-day Jerusalem.   About Jerusalem Rising: The City of Peace Reawakens:
In Jerusalem Rising, Hershey, discusses his new book which features amazing then-and-now photographs of the ancient City of Peace, offering a stunning visual narrative that chronicles the city’s miraculous transformation from desolation to abundance, as foretold in the Bible centuries ago.
“I’m very excited that Jerusalem Rising brings some photography and research to the table that has never been done before,” says Hershey. “To be able to capture the restoration of Jerusalem through then-and-now photography that points back and verifies Zechariah’s words was an honor and a joy to work on and present in this project!”
From the famed walls and gates of the Old City to the new city rising around it, Hershey provides compelling evidence about the truth of Bible prophecy, while illuminating Jerusalem’s rich history. For more information go to https://doughershey.co/about