W4CY & W4VET 11/11/2021 2:00PM ET

Susie Jennings, Founder and President of Operation Care International.  She is a Speaker and Author of “No, not me!”. Susie will discussNo Not Me her new book and her programs with Operation Care International. A nurse for more than two decades, Susie was called by God to collect money and blankets for Dallas-area homeless after her husband’s suicide in 1993.

On the streets, Susie had become known as “The Blanket Lady.” Never knowing where the resources would come from, she promised unconditional obedience to the Lord, who had comforted her and blessed her in the midst of multiple tragedies. Her simple act of obedience launched Operation Care International, which hosts the nation’s largest Christmas party for the impoverished? And the homeless people living on Dallas city streets. Susie’s passion for the homeless had an unusual beginning. While growing up in the Philippines as a child, Susie did not care for the homeless because they would come into her house, eat her food, and occupy her space. She could never have imagined she would ever lead an international ministry to the homeless. But when God touched and changed her heart, nothing could stop her. For more information go to opcare.org

Vicki GreeneFinally, as we recover from the pandemic, women have seen their careers disproportionately impacted leading them to take a hard look at their current job and their future in the workforce. A new global survey by the learning company Pearson. Joining us to explain some of these significant survey results is Vicki Greene is the President and CEO of GED Testing Service. Vicki works with the GED team, adult educators, GED Administrators, employers, legislators, and learners to create pathways of success to a high school equivalency credential.   Before this role, Vicki served as the organization’s vice president, where she led a wide array of functional teams, including marketing, technology, operations, sales, and public relations. She has been a member of the GED Board of Directors since 2019. Vicki also currently serves on the board of directors for the Creating IT Futures Foundation. For more information on the survey go to: www.pearson.com

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