W4CY & W4VET 12/16/2021

Ed LinzToday my guest is Ed Linz, writer, retired military officer, and author of several books. Ed discusses his 4th book, “They Never Threw Anything Away: Memories of the Great Depression by Americans Who Lived It.” The book is from the memories of 22 Americans who lived through The Great Depression in their own words. These people tell of their experiences gained while living during the social and economic chaos of that era. Tune in to hear about this wonderful new book and the stories within.

They Never Threw Anything Away is his fourth book. His earlier non-fiction works include Life Row, Team Teaching Science, and a novel, Hurtling to the Edge.  His interests include kayaking and  hiking (he recently “made it” to 15,000 feet on Mount Kilimanjaro).  He currently lives in Virginia and Maine. Ed encourages you to contact him via email at edlinz@edlinz.com, on Facebook, or on Twitter @edlinz65. His columns and book information can be found at www.edlinz.com.


Our second guest is Sherman “Tiger” Jones, President of American Tort Reform he will discuss the Annual report from the American Tort Reform Foundation which lists the locations with the greatest number of lawsuit abuses for 2021. And also and why tort reform is important to everyday Americans. This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Judicial Hellholes® annual report and rankings, identifying concerning trends in civil litigation. The 2021- 2022 Judicial Hellholes® report shines a spotlight on eight jurisdictions that have earned reputations as Judicial Hellholes®. Some are known for allowing innovative lawsuits to proceed or for welcoming litigation tourism, and in all of them state leadership seems eager to expand civil liability at every given opportunity. For more information please visit: www.ATRA.org

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