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OuLuana Stoltenberg, Candidate for Iowa Houser guest today is Luana Stoltenberg, a wife, adoptive mother, speaker, author, and international pro-life ambassador. She has been featured in many magazines, radio programs, documentaries, and countless newspapers, including USA Today and the 700 Club. Luana has owned and managed several businesses, served on many non-profit boards, and as treasurer at her church. Luana’s heart is to fight for justice and freedom while showing the love and mercy of Christ! In her book “Singing in the Wilderness,” she discusses why, after three abortions, she became a Pro-Life Advocate and is now running in the State of Iowa for Congress.

In “Singing in the Wilderness,” her life changed. At fifteen, Luana became pregnant. Ironically, her pregnancy gave her a way out of a home filled with alcohol abuse and dysfunction. She married the child’s father but suffered a miscarriage, and the marriage ended. Luana’s promiscuous lifestyle sought love and acceptance, resulting in another unplanned pregnancy. Desperate and scared, she was convinced abortion was her only option. Her life spiraled down into depression, drug, and alcohol abuse, and failed suicide attempts. After two more pregnancies and abortions, she lost all hope. But God had a plan. Luana received Christ, and her life was transformed.

She later married a loving, Christian man. However, their attempts to have children were unsuccessful. Infertile from the abortions, she realized she had killed the only children she would ever bear. Through heartache, they decided to adopt a child from India. God began opening doors, and Luana was catapulted into a world of politics and pro-life advocacy. To purchase the book and for more information, go to luanastoltenberg.com or stoltenbergforhouse.com.


Russell Shepherd, Tire Safety Engineer and Technical Communications Director for MichelinMy second guest is Russell Shepherd, Tire Safety Engineer and Technical Communications Director for Michelin. He will share important information about taking those Summer Road trips. Russell Shepherd has over 20 years of experience with Michelin North America, Inc, the leading mobility company.
Lastly, Dr. Mohammed Yassin, Medical Director for Infection Prevention, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, will discuss the importance of getting vaccinated and ways to stay safe and healthy as COVID cases continue to rise. He will also address myths and misinformation about vaccines and provide insights on other COVID-related topics.


Taylor Ryan, Founder and CEO of Unstoppable Protective GearTaylor Ryan, Founder and CEO  of Unstoppable Protective Gear, and Shannon Ryan – CFO of Unstoppable Protective Gear. Joining Taylor is her mother, Shannon Ryan, who serves as CFO of Unstoppable Protective Gear.  The topic today is The Unstoppable Protective Gear’s recent launch of Unstoppable Protective Cups™. The first-of-its-kind set of innovative athletic breast cups designed to guard against injury while playing contact sports like soccer, lacrosse, and basketball. That Taylor Founded along with her mother. Taylor Ryan is a teenage high school lacrosse player she saw the inequity of contact sport protective equipment for herself first hand on the field. Taylor chose to not only solve the problem for herself but to fill the gap in the market by offering breast protective gear for all women and girls.  She’s a true entrepreneur. Taylor took her idea to production and launch. The game-changing Unstoppable Protective Cups prevent tissue injury while playing contact sports. The innovative cups are removable, breathable, and compatible with any sports bra.

For over two decades, Shannon Ryan, a certified financial advisor, has helped clients, including individuals, families, and businesses, address their financial concerns and develop sound strategies by focusing on each individual’s specific needs. She was honored to be named as one of Forbes Top Women Wealth Advisors 2022. For more information, go to unstoppable-gear.com

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