W4CY & W4VET Sep-1-2022

Jefferson E. Davis, is the Statewide Spokesperson for Election Integrity in WisconsinOur first guest today is Jefferson E. Davis the Statewide Spokesperson for Election Integrity in Wisconsin. On the show today we will discuss why Jefferson became the Statewide Spokesperson for Election Integrity in Wisconsin. Following an Election Integrity Rally in August of 2021, it was when a loosely formed statewide Ad-Hoc Committee was assembled to assist the Legislature, Law Enforcement, and the Legal System in getting to the bottom of the election fraud that affected the outcome of the 2020 Presidential Election in Wisconsin supposedly decided by just 20,682 votes.  The Ad-Hoc Committee quickly moved to build a statewide encrypted email database for election integrity updates.  The Committee also developed a Speaker’s Bureau. It solicited help from all 72 County GOP Leadership Teams and Patriot Groups, Social Media, Freedom Alliances, Nonprofits, and Affiliates to move the needle on holding the election fraudsters accountable and restoring election integrity for all Wisconsin voters. The election integrity movement in Wisconsin has enjoyed many victories over the last year. It will continue to press on until the election fraud committed in the 2020 Presidential Election that affected the election outcome is dealt with and a remedy for the illegitimately certified Electors is secured.”

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