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 Demystifying College Financial Aid Repayment with INvestEd’s Bill Wozniak

Bill Wozniak, INvestEd’s Vice President of Communications and Student ServiceToday, Bill Wozniak, Vice President of Communications and Student Services at INvestEd, will address your financial aid inquiries, dispelling myths and presenting facts about postsecondary education funding. He will also share insights on how students can obtain free assistance with financial aid before the April 15 FAFSA deadline. Additionally, he will provide updates on national FAFSA issues affecting millions of families.

With a tenure dating back to 2003, Mr. Wozniak has been instrumental in aiding Hoosier families, colleges, and high schools with financial aid endeavors. As Vice President of Communications & Student Services, he oversees INvestEd’s financial aid advisory efforts, including resource allocation and program development, where he has played a pivotal role.

This year, the INvestEd outreach team is slated to conduct over 900 events throughout Indiana, assisting more than 10,000 individuals with tailored answers to their education funding queries. Furthermore, INvestEd’s experts actively support Governor Holcomb’s talent and workforce development initiatives, aiding Hoosiers in navigating opportunities such as Workforce Ready Grants, the Accelerate Indiana ISA, and other aid programs endorsed by the Governor’s Workforce Cabinet. For more information, visit www.investedindiana.org.

Dan Perkins Discusses Former President Trump’s Court Cases

Dan Perkins, Author, Radio and TV Personality, Political Commentator, and Dan Perkins Media Network ProducerWe welcome back our political expert, Dan Perkins, a best-selling author, political commentator, TV and radio personality, and registered investment advisor who has joined us. Dan is the founder of the Dan Perkins Media Network and is here to provide insights into the week’s pressing topics. These include Former President Trump’s victory in securing the nomination for the Republican Party, updates on President Trump’s ongoing court cases, and their current status. Additionally, Dan discusses the importance of civic engagement, emphasizing why every American should consider volunteering at the polls. He underscores the upcoming election’s significance for our families and the nation.

Perkins Launches New Book Series: “Sad Eyes”Sad Eyes: Book Two by Dan Perkins

Be sure to explore Dan’s novels. His latest release, “Sad Eyes: 1912 TO 1939,” narrates the compelling story of Mary Ellen Murphy, a resilient Army nurse from Waterloo, Iowa, whose heroic efforts during World War II saved countless soldiers’ lives. The sequel, “Sad Eyes: 1939 TO 1951,” further delves into Mary Ellen’s journey as she navigates pivotal historical moments.

Delving into Dan’s diverse repertoire, which spans literature to commentary across various media platforms, he emphasizes that writing is not just an activity but an integral part of one’s identity. From commentaries and opinion pieces to children’s books and newspaper articles, Dan’s work reflects his deep engagement with pressing societal issues. While his financial management business initially tethered him to the political landscape, Dan’s burgeoning passion for politics led him to embark on his first book series. For more information, visit Dan’s website, Danperkinsmedia.org.

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