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Bill Wozniak, INvestEd’s Vice President of Communications and Student Service

Bill Wozniak, INvestEd’s Vice President of Communications and Student ServiceToday’s guest is Bill Wozniak, INvestEd’s Vice President of Communications and Student Service. Bill Wozniak has been helping Hoosier families, colleges, and high schools with financial aid initiatives since 2003. In his role as Vice President of Communications & Student Services, he manages INvestEd’s financial aid advising effort consisting of resources and programming Bill played a significant role in identifying and creating. Today, Bill discusses Student Loan payments that interest on federal student loans resumes on September 1 after a pause of over three years. Soon after, on October 1, student loan payments will officially begin again for borrowers across Indiana. Individuals who haven’t had to make a payment on their student loans since the beginning of the pandemic – including some recent graduates who have yet to pay on a loan – will need to prepare for the financial impact of repayment.

The good news for Hoosiers that there are free, comprehensive resources through Indiana nonprofit INvestEd to help borrowers understand and prepare for what’s coming, optimize their repayment plan, and reconnect with their student loan servicer. Mr. Wozniak will explain the best steps for Hoosiers to take to repay their student loans. He’ll also offer advice on how Indiana residents can find resources if they don’t feel ready to begin repayment. Through INvestEd, Hoosiers have access to experts who offer fast, personalized guidance on their student loan repayment questions.

The INvestEd outreach team will conduct over 800 events this year covering all parts of Indiana and also help more than 10,000 additional individuals with answers for their specific education funding questions. INvestEd’s experts are utilized to assist Governor Holcomb’s talent and workforce development objectives as the INvestEd team assists Hoosiers navigating Workforce Ready Grants, the Accelerate Indiana ISA, and other aid opportunities promoted by the Governor’s Workforce Cabinet.One of the nation’s first college networks for a private student loan price transparency tool launched in 2009 and exists in Indiana today because of Bill’s work. Over 35 colleges display the INvestEd Student Loan Marketplace to help students shop for student loan rates instead of ranges and make more informed choices. INvestEd has also built a financially sustainable nonprofit lending program offering unique, mission-driven tuition and refinance loan options that are competitive, innovative, and have the added benefit of the team of experts available for those with questions. For more information for Indiana Student loan repago to www.investedindiana.org/loans/student-loan/marketplace.

Author Dr. Stephanie S. Faubion, is Our Second Guest

Dr. Stephanie Faubion is the author of The New Rules of MenopauseOur second guest, Dr. Stephanie Faubion brings her expertise on current treatments for Hot flashes, sleep problems, weight gain, perimenopause, menopause – none of this was covered in Sex Ed! In fact, it’s often not even covered in the doctor’s office. We discussed her new book, The New Rules of Menopause,  this book steps in to fill that gaping hole as the definitive guide to the menopause transition, the midlife hormonal shift that sets off a cascade of physical and mental changes in women. The New Rules of Menopause is a guide for women going through menopause and is written by Dr. Stephanie S. FaubionDr. Faubion brings her expertise on current treatments and research together with an honest, real-world approach to help people understand how the rules of their bodies are changing – and what they can do about it. Divided into three main parts, the book guides readers through understanding menopause, managing it, and thriving in the years that follow. New and updated content acknowledges the diverse menopause experiences of real women and includes historical perspective on menopause, discussion of the current “femtech” boom and how to be a savvy health care consumer, expanded information on understanding and managing perimenopause, and the latest wisdom and tools to manage menopause symptoms.

Stephanie S. Faubion, M.D., M.B.A., is the Penny and Bill George Director of Mayo Clinic’s Center for Women’s Health and is chair of the Department of Medicine at Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida. Dr. Faubion has practiced as a physician in the Women’s Hea lth Clinic at Mayo Clinic for over 18 years. She also serves as medical director for The North American Menopause Society. She has abroad interest in women’s health and has evaluated and treated women with menopausal, hormonal and sexual health concerns. Her research encompasses sex and gender-based differences in disease, menopause, hormone therapy, healthy aging, and sexual health and dysfunction in women — addressing questions that come directly from the clinical dilemmas faced every day in medical practice. A leader in women’s health, Dr. Faubion, frequently lends her expertise to the New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, CNN, NBC News and other national media. To purchase the new book go to Barnesandnoble.com or go to Amazon.com.

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