WCVG 1320 11/09/2021 Noon

Justina Nixon, IBM’s VP and Global Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, will talk about the digital skills gap and how companies can work with students and job seekers to prepare them for new technical roles. Justina Nixon-Saintil drives strategic, socially responsible programmatic investments that enable IBM’s technology and talent to address some of society’s biggest challenges worldwide.

The CSR programs Justina manages enable IBM and its employees to transform their altruism into reality. Some of these resources, such as IBM Service Corps, rely on skilled employee volunteerism to foster community success and wellbeing; they demonstrate the power of technology when combined with humanity. Other initiatives she leads, such as P-TECH, Open P-TECH, and SkillsBuild, use multisector partnerships to help create more inclusive and innovative schools and workforces. She also spearheads corporate practices that underpin the company’s tradition of uncompromising ethics and transparency in its operations.

For more information please visit: ptech.org and skillsbuild.org

Vicki GreeneFinally, as we recover from the pandemic, women have seen their careers disproportionately impacted leading them to take a hard look at their current job and their future in the workforce. A new global survey by the learning company Pearson. Joining us to explain some of these significant survey results is Vicki Greene is the President and CEO of GED Testing Service. Vicki works with the GED team, adult educators, GED Administrators, employers, legislators, and learners to create pathways of success to a high school equivalency credential.   Before this role, Vicki served as the organization’s vice president, where she led a wide array of functional teams, including marketing, technology, operations, sales, and public relations. She has been a member of the GED Board of Directors since 2019. Vicki also currently serves on the board of directors for the Creating IT Futures Foundation. For more information on the survey go to: www.pearson.com

Our last guest is Dr. Samuel Kim, a thoracic surgeon at Northwestern Medicine who performs COVID and non-COVID lung cancer surgeries he will discuss the importance of this technology and the strides being made in combating lung cancer.

Dr. Kim is a general thoracic surgeon with experience in all aspects of general thoracic surgery with national-level expertise on minimally invasive thoracic surgery including the robotic lobectomy/segmentectomy, robotic esophagectomy, robotic thymectomy, robot-assisted operations for benign esophageal diseases, and trachea and airway surgeries

For more information please visit www.nm.org/radio