WCVG 1320 AM 08/09/2021 Noon ET

Jeff Buongiorno, an American businessman, has chosen to leave the political sidelines as the American Dream is fading for so many. Jeff in his business dealings knows first-hand the trials and tribulations that American small business owners are suffering. Jeff has created successful businesses for the last 30+ years and his philosophy is that low taxes and less regulation will spawn more opportunity for everyone, from the most downtrodden to the middle classes and beyond. He is now running as a Candidate for Congress in Florida District 21.

Today, Jeff will discuss why he is running for Congress and how if elected he intends to fight for the people of District 21 and represent their interests in Washington DC. He believes the Constitution is as relevant today as it was the day it was signed. Straightforward and never wavering, he will represent the people as their equal peer, as our founding fathers intended. “For too long everyday Americans including senior citizens and small businesses have been ignored while special monied interests have had their way in Washington, DC. I intend to correct this situation as my interests are aligned with the citizens of Florida Congressional District 21.”  For more information visit his website at jeff2022.com

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