WCVG 1320 AM & 103.9 FM 11-14-2022

Jim DaffinOur first guest today is Jim Daffin, Wealth Management Advisor, Northwestern Mutual – Cincinnati. He will discuss the difference between Financial Planning and Wealth Management. The terms “financial planning” and “wealth management” are often used interchangeably, but some key differences are important to understand. Financial planning is, at its heart, about creating a plan an individual or family can follow to reach their financial goals. As such, financial planning largely focuses on setting goals and creating a plan to get you there. On the other hand, wealth management is the art and science of managing wealth.

After graduating from Miami University, Jim started his business affiliated with Northwestern Mutual in 2008. He genuinely enjoys helping clients with their overall tax strategy and working through their financial puzzles. Jim is married and has three sons. He loves giving back to his community and attending local sports events. For more information, please visit www.northwesternmutual.com


Scott Kurtzman MDOur next guest is Dr. Scott Kurtzman, a surgeon who is a leader of the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers at the American College of Surgeons, he will discuss how pandemic-related delays in mammography will likely lead to more cancer-related deaths in the coming years, and why it’s critical for anyone who has put off a mammogram during the pandemic to get their screening completed soon. Catching breast cancer early is typically a key to increasing a person’s survival rate and outcome. It’s critical that anyone who has missed a mammogram during the pandemic return to screening as soon as possible. While the long-term impact of delayed cancer screenings is still unknown, surgeons remain concerned, urging women to stay vigilant and up to date on their mammograms.  Dr. Kurtzman is a surgical oncologist specializing in breast, soft tissue sarcomas, and skin melanomas. As part of his training, he completed a surgical oncology fellowship at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York. He is a co-author of the study published in Cancer, citing declines in cancer screening during the early months of the pandemic. For more information, please visit www.facs.org/cancer-screening.


John L. LehrOur final guests are John L. Lehr, the President and CEO of the non-profit Parkinson’s Foundation, and Veera Rastogi, who has spent many years balancing her career as an executive with supporting her mother and her late father, who both have lived with Parkinson’s disease.  Veera serves on the Parkinson’s Foundation People with Parkinson’s Advisory Council. She has always been passionate about diversity, equity, and inclusion and helping people be their best selves.

Today they will discuss every year the Parkinson’s Foundation recognizes National Family Caregiver’s Month as an important time to celebrate and honor the many contributions of the 65 million Americans caring for a loved one living with a chronic condition like Parkinson’s disease (PD). This year, the foundation focuses on #CarePartnersCan, a campaign highlighting the many ways care partners can find support throughout their journey by sharing their stories and more. For more information about the free Helpline, please call 800-4PD-INFO (473-4636) for answers to PD care questions.

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