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Dr. Brandi Waters: Advanced Placement African American Studies 2024

Dr. Brandi Waters – Senior Director, Program Manager, of the College BoardOur first distinguished guest is Dr. Brandi Waters – Senior Director, Program Manager, of the College Board. She will discuss the exciting news released by the College Board regarding the revised framework of Advanced Placement African American Studies, a course that covers an important part of American history, culture, and literature. AP African American Studies is a college-level, interdisciplinary introductory course that covers the history and experiences of African Americans in the United States within the broader context of the African diaspora. Through primary sources in history, literature, and the arts, students in the course will develop skills across multiple fields, emphasizing historical, literary, visual, and data analysis skills.

In this interview, Dr. Brandi Waters will also talk more about the creation of the Advanced Placement African American Studies course and its place and importance in the American education system.  Nearly 700 schools are piloting the course in the 2023-24 academic year, representing 44 states and 13,000 students. A total of 60 schools participated in the first year of the pilot in 2022-2023 academic year. Hundreds of colleges and universities nationally have initially signed up to grant college credit to students who have qualifying scores on the course’s exam. Early credit support for the pilot course has surpassed expectations, and it is our strong belief that more colleges will provide credit when final course reviews are completed in the spring.  For more information apcentral.collegeboard.org.

Dr. Nia Heard-Garris: Harmfulness of Menthol Cigarettes

Dr. Nia Heard-GarrisOur second guest is Dr. Nia Heard-Garris, Pediatrician and AAP Spokesperson, on Why these Products are More Addictive and the Specific Dangers to Teens, Women and Black Communities. Studies Show Young People are More Likely to Try a Menthol Cigarette as their First Cigarette than a Non-menthol Cigarette.  She will also give us Steps to Protect Children and Save Lives!  Tobacco is classified by many pediatricians as a pediatric disease, tobacco use almost always begins during adolescence. Young people are uniquely vulnerable to the highly addictive nature of nicotine, often turning teenage experimentation into lifelong addiction.

Did you know according to the CDC, those who first start with menthol cigarettes are more likely to continue smoking. In 2023, 40.4% of middle school and high school students who currently smoked cigarettes reported using menthol cigarettes. Studies also show 85% of Black smokers use menthol. With the long-awaited ban on menthol cigarettes potentially delayed into 2024, Dr. Nia Heard-Garris, pediatrician and spokesperson, American Academy of Pediatrics is available to discuss the ban and what a delay means for children’s health. She’ll discuss why flavored tobacco products are more addictive and the urgent need to finalize regulations. For more information go to: AAP.org/Tobacco

Dr. Glenn Levine: New Survey Reveals Impact of Holiday Stress on Heart Health

Dr. Glenn LevineOur final guest today is Dr. Glenn Levine, American Heart Association volunteer expert, who will discusses a New Survey on the Impact of Holiday Stress on Heart Health. Dr. Levine shares how to gift Yourself a Restful, not stressful Holiday and Happy New!  He gives tips and suggestions on the importance of self-care and shares the new survey results on holiday stress and the implications of stress on health. Dr. Glenn N. Levine is a Master Clinician and Professor of Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas. Dr. Levine is recognized locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally for his teaching, lecturing, and educational abilities, and for his expertise in cardiovascular disease, including acute coronary syndromes (heart attack), acute and critical cardiac care, coronary revascularization (stenting) and guidelines on cardiovascular care.

Dr. Levine has led and first-authored six American Heart Association Scientific Statements, including the management of patients undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention (coronary stenting), sexual activity in patients with heart disease, mediation and cardiovascular risk reduction, pet ownership and cardiovascular risk and psychological well-being and pet ownership. Dr. Levine has authored or edited 11 books on cardiovascular disease. He has authored scores of peer-reviewed and invited manuscripts and several dozen chapters on cardiovascular disease.
Dr. Levine has been writing group chairman for 5 American Heart Association (AHA) Scientific Statements and AHA-sponsored scientific manuscripts, including “Sexual Activity and Cardiovascular Disease” and “Pet Ownership and Cardiovascular Risk”, and has been a writing group member for 2 other AHA Scientific Statements. For more information visit www.heart.org/en/news/2021/01/25/the-head-is-connected-to-the-heart-and-can-influence-health.

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