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Audrey Mormann, Breast Cancer Survivor, Shares Her Story

Audrey Mormann post-treatmentOur guest today is Audrey Mormann, a breast cancer survivor, who shares her wisdom for living through a breast cancer diagnosis as a wife, mother, daughter, and friend. She is an advocate for faith, bravery, courage, and strength as she navigated an unfamiliar territory and diagnoses of breast cancer. Today, she will discuss her breast cancer treatment journey. Audrey was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer in August 2023; Audrey Mormann didn’t know how her two 17-year-old daughters and 13-year-old son would react, especially knowing how the chemotherapy she would go through would cause her to lose her hair. Audrey shares her story and talks about the emotional, solid considerations cancer patients must endure when their kids see their parents lose their hair. Also, she describes her cancer diagnosis and what it was like when the doctor confirmed she had breastAudrey in fitted cap cancer. She describes what her initial feelings and thoughts were and how she was active in researching and talking to others who had Breast Cancer.

Scalp Cooling Technology

Audrey lets us know about how she heard about new technology of Paxman Scalp Cooling Cap.  Audrey discussed in detail about the technology, what the cooling cap felt like during her chemotherapy sessions and it helped her with retaining her hair.  It is her desire to empower breast cancer patients to feel confident to use the Scalp Cooling system. Audrey without the loss of her hair  was able to look helathy and her family was able to cope during a difficult time.  Audrey believes sharing her story will help other cancer patient parents going through something similar with their children. Audrey and was declared breast-cancer free in December 2023.

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