WCVG 1320 AM And 103.9 FM 2-20-2023

Author, Becky A. JohnsOur guest today is Becky A. Johns, wife, mother, blogger, and children’s author. Today she discusses her newest book, “God Made Me Washable.” The book, beautifully illustrated by Emily Springer, reminds all ages that God is a God of second chances. When we get messy, not only can we scrub our outsides with soap and water, we can embrace the love of God, and He will cleanse our hearts through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Follow the messy adventures of Caleb and see how God made him washable…I’m sure he made you that way too.

Becky is a proud graduate of Baker University with a degree in elementary education and minors in Psychology and Special Education. Miss Becky has taught preschool in the 3-year-old “Bee” class for 11 years and spent years in Pre-K Sunday School. She is blessed to have an exceptionally supportive husband and two beautiful and kind children. Her entire family has encouraged her diligently to follow her dreams and be who God created her to be. Becky is truly thankful to God and her family for pushing her to be comfortable in the uncomfortable. Becky also surrounds herself with godly women who pour into her. She loves them, values their opinions and advice, and views them as God-given gifts. We are not put on this planet to be alone but to encourage and celebrate each other. The illustrator of her book is her friend, the gifted and talented illustrator Emily Springer. To learn more about Emily, visit her website, www.emilyspringer.com. For more information about Becky, please check out her website, beckyajohns.com.

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