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CIO of Park My Fleet, Kristin Slanina, Discusses the State of Electric Vehicle Technology

Kristin SlaninaOur first guest is Kristin Slanina, Leader, Expert, Visionary, and CIO of Park My Fleet, which builds staffed mobility hubs for fleet vehicles. The state of electric vehicle (EV) technology and its relationship with consumers require data points no one had. She orchestrated and led five teams to compete in driving electric vehicles from NY to LA for a 10-day televised production. Kristin, at the wheel of a Tesla, traveled alongside various teams, each equipped with a distinct electric vehicle, covering a total distance of 3300 miles. She takes the story and “EV 101” on the road, speaking to audiences from CFOs to dealers and resellers. This past summer, Kristin traveled Europe, encountering many EV charging issues.  So, she investigated and explored the benefits of super apps, a type of software that is all about efficiency.

Just imagine landing anywhere and immediately being able to pull up an app that can give you all of the related electric vehicle charging information and route information you could possibly need. Her stint as COO of TrueCar, an online portal for car-buying for consumers and a network of over 10K certified dealers, developed during a highly competitive recruiting process, where she was referred to as the “purple squirrel” for her unique pedigree as a core engine engineer. Her “future-of-mobility” expertise, consumer-fulfillment strategies, and savvy business leadership made her an ideal experiment for TrueCar.  For more information go to: kristinslanina.com.

“Dr. Mike,” Medical Expert & Influencer Discusses the Importance of Learning CPR

Dr. MikeOur second guest is Dr. Mike, American Heart Association Volunteer Medical Expert and Health Influencer. Dr. Mike shares with us how to be prepared for a heart-related emergency and discusses why everyone from 9-99 can learn CPR and how it could save a life in an emergency. You never know when something can happen. Doctor Mike is a board-certified family medical physician and social media influencer with nearly 25 million followers across all platforms. He creates content battling medical misinformation and providing healthcare information to people around the world, having amassed over 1 billion views on YouTube.

Doctor Mike grew up to pursue his medical degree at the New York Institute of Technology with a B.S. in Life Sciences and Doctorate in Osteopathic Medicine with honors by the age of 24. During is residency, Doctor Mike to document his journey and share his medical platform one of the largest in health education. Leveraging his media presence and impact in the medical community, he covers the importance of health literacy while simultaneously battling misinformation in a practical, yet entertaining approach. For more information on Dr. Mike, visit his website www.doctormikemedia.com or if you are interested in learning CPS, visit the American Heart Association website cpr.heart.org

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