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Laurie Elizabeth Murphy Discusses Her New Novel

Laurie Elizabeth Murphy, author of Dream Me HomeOur first guest is Laurie Elizabeth Murphy, a full-time author of both non-fiction and fiction books. Today, she discusses her newest Novel, “Dream Me Home,” A Story of Betrayal, Infidelity, and Love. Can you remember your first love? Have you ever wished for one more chance to experience those feelings and turn back time? Dream Me Home by Laurie Elizabeth MurphyPeggy Prescott, the main character, lives a seemingly perfect life, but destiny is closing in. What begins as a whodunnit mystery immersed in a love story soon transforms into an adventure where anything is possible. Peggy’s path winds in two directions, but which will she choose? Which would you choose?

Laurie has published many nonfiction books, co-authoring with her late husband to write “In the Best Interest of the Child: A Manual for Divorcing Parents,” “Eight Strategies for Successful Step-Parenting,” and “You Don’t Know Anything: A Manual for Parenting Teenagers.”

She has also written and self-published “Satori,” “Wherever the Wind Blows Me,” and “Cellophane Memories.” Additionally, she writes a bi-monthly column for “My Living,” a local magazine. “Dream Me Home,” is her debut fiction novel, it is a psychological thriller drawing from her own career as a therapist. She is currently writing a sequel to “Dream Me Home. For more information to purchase her books go to: www.amazon.com.

Dr. Leandris Liburd Heart Health for Black Women Campaign

Dr. Leandris LiburdOur second guests today are Dr. Leandris Liburd, the Acting Director for CDC’s Office of Health Equity (OHE) and Tara Robinson, Founder and CEO, of the Black Heart Association. Did you know that heart disease is the number on killer of Women in this country and the odds of dying from it are even higher if you are an African American Woman? Today’s discussion is about New Campaign to help Black Women protect their Heart Health.

 Dr. Leandris Liburd, served as the Associate Director for Minority Health and Health Equity for CDC/ATSDR since 2011. In this capacity, she leads and supports a wide range of critical functions in the agency’s work in minority health, health equity, and women’s health.

She plays a critical leadership role in determining the agency’s vision for health equity, ensuring a rigorous and evidence-based approach to the practice of health equity, and promoting the ethical practice of public health in communities vulnerable to health inequities. Dr. Liburd has been instrumental in building capacity across CDC and in public health agencies to address the social determinants of health, and in identifying and widely disseminating intervention strategies that reduce racial and ethnic health disparities.

Tara Robinson, Founder and CEO, Black Heart Association

Tara Robinson, CEO and Founder Black Heart AssocTara Robinson is Founder and CEO of the Black Heart Association. After Tara suffered three heart attacks over the course of one week, with the last nearly claiming her life, Tara Robinson discovered that she was in a fight for her life. She would later realize that the black community was silently losing that same fight against heart disease, so she decided to fight back!

Together with her husband, The Black Heart Association (BHA), was created through their survivor story, to fight for the thousands of minority men, women and children, and their loved ones, who will experience the negative impact of heart disease or stroke each year.

Tara believes there’s no one better to take up the mantle of reaching and awakening the hearts of the black community as it pertains to defeating heart disease and stroke than a survivor. As the CEO and Founder, Tara Robison strives to lead an organization that will be the conduit between the black community and heart health. For more information visit, LiveToTheBeat.org/Heart2Heart.

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