WCVG 1320 AM the Voice 4/11/2022

Our first guest is Meaghan Thomas the morning meteorologist at WKRN TV in Nashville, Tennessee. Megan an author HEART OF HEARING founder of Non-Profit the Heart of Hearing, Inc. we will be discussing the new book and her Non-Profit today along with her story. Meghan loves country music, working out, playing with my sweet Pomeranian Daisy and oh she wears hearing aids. She has been hard of hearing since she was little and can sometimes be self-conscious about it (especially when she asks someone to repeat something for the 5th time and still didn’t hear it). Even though she struggles sometimes, she wants to encourage you…  encourage you today to embrace what makes you different & celebrate it! So, cheers to her ears & whatever makes you special!

Her book Heart of Hearing is an animated an entertaining story for children that encourages them to wear their aids. It highlights aspects of the world around us that would be missed if one chooses not to wear them and helps hearing children understand why we wear our aids. A portion of the proceeds will go directly to the non-profit, The Heart of Hearing, Inc. created by the author, Meghan Thomas. For more information go tohttps://www.theheartofhearing.org/

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