WCVG 1320 The Voice 3/8/2021

Our guest today is the owner of WCVG 1320 the Voice, Caleb Foster. His began started while in high school, he was mentored by Jay “The Bluesman” Butler, Program Director at WQBH Radio-1400 AM. Mr. Butler began training Caleb in the field of broadcasting as a board engineer, on-air personality, and intern.  The staff called Caleb “a natural.”

In the 11th grade, Caleb entered WSHJ Radio-88.3 FM at the Southfield High School.  He became the program director and turned the radio station around inviting more listeners in the history of the station.  He continued to work at WQBH until the changing of the guard.  The station was sold.  In 2006 Caleb was employed by WDRJ 1440 AM radio. He gained the rankings as music director, production director, operations and station manager over his ten-year tenure. In 2016 he left WDRJ which became WMKM to purchase WCVG in Cincinnati Ohio. Some of the awards he attained were:
➢ Nominated, 2010 Stellar Awards ➢ Winner, 2010 Black Essence Award
➢ Recipient, 2011 Destiny Award ➢ Recipient, 2011 Zebulunite Awards
➢ Honored, 2011 Governor Rick Snyder and the State of Michigan
➢ Recipient, 2012 Men of Mordecai Award ➢ Recipient, 2013, Spirit of Detroit Award➢ Honored, 2013 Michigan House of Representatives
For more information on WCVG 1320 “The Voice,” http://www.1320thevoice.com/ or contact the station at (859) 291-2255

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