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Whitney Stidom Discussing Medicare Annual Enrollment

Whitney Stidom, Vice President of Sales & Operation at eHealthOur first guest today is Whitney Stidom, Vice President of Sales & Operations at eHealth. She will share Stress-free Planning Tips to Save Time and Money with the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period ending on December 7. Did you know between 2022 and 2023, the number of seniors experiencing anxiety DOUBLED, and 75% are worried about the impact of inflation on their healthcare costs? With over 4,000 Medicare Advantage plans available, how does one choose the best plan?  Do you need original Medicare, Medicare Advantage, or Part D for extra prescription coverage or Part C Medicare Advantage? Trying to understand if you need Parts A, B, C, and D can be a complex task and a job. Ms Stidom will share the best tips for navigating AEP, selection, and enrollment. She will also talk about why it’s important not to wait until the last week of AEP, including how making a stressful, last-minute decision can land you in the wrong plan and end up costing you more money.

Whitney Stidom is the Vice President of Sales & Operations at eHealth. She has over 20 years of experience leading sales, customer service, and operations teams; Whitney specializes in leadership development, operational structure, and sales culture. She has worked at eHealth for the past 13 years, initially joining in the capacity of Sales Manager, eventually becoming a Vice President within the division. Prior to eHealth, Whitney worked at RxAmerica for five years in sales. She currently resides in Salt Lake City, Utah. For more information, visit ir.ehealthinsurance.com.

Monica Mohindra Talks about the Veterans History Project

Monica Mohindra Director, Veterans History ProjectOur second guest today is Monica Mohindra Director, Veterans History Project. Today She will give us details about a special effort to remember the unsung heroes of the Commission Corps. In addition to the stories of Combat Veterans, The Veterans History Project is looking to preserve the History of Heroic Vets who served by responding to Natural Disasters or Public Health Crises. VHP is actively seeking stories from these veterans with oral history interviews, original photographs, letters and other correspondence to be archived and made accessible for future generations.

VHP Director, Monica Mohindrahas worked for more than 15 years with the Project. She has coordinated major initiatives with Members of Congress, the National Museum of the American Indian, the National Endowment for the Humanities, PBS, Ken Burns/ Florentine Films, the HISTORY Channel, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, and the Department of Veterans Affairs, among others.  Energized by the large collections development initiatives which enable exploring new audiences and new participation in the Project, the most meaningful part of her work is helping uncover and shed light on the individual personal stories of US veterans. For more Information: Visit:  www.Loc.Gov/Vets 

Dr. Craig Chepke Discusses Treatment-Resistant Depression

Dr. Craig Chepke, a Board-Certified psychiatristOur last guest is Dr. Craig Chepke, a Board-Certified psychiatrist in Huntersville, North Carolina who specializes in treating adult patients with treatment-resistant depression, he will discuss the signs and symptoms of challenging-to-treat depression and outline a treatment option for treatment-resistant depression. With the holiday season quickly approaching some people may experience a case of the ‘holiday blues’, Dr. Craig Chepke, MD, DFAPA, will also discuss the importance of recognizing if you or a loved one are just feeling ‘down’ – or if it’s more serious depressive symptoms.

Dr. Craig Chepke, MD, DFAPA, attended NYU School of Medicine and completed his residency training at Duke University. He has his own private practice in Huntersville, North Carolina and is an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Psychiatry for the University of North Carolina School of Medicine. Dr. Chepke has special interests in treatment-resistant depression, severe mental illness, movement disorders, and sleep medicine. He is active in clinical trials and serves on the Board of Directors of nonprofit organizations benefiting schizophrenia and Huntington’s disease. Finally, Dr. Chepke has been named a Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association.

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