WCVG 1320AM & 103.9FM 4-3-2023

Author, Jenny LeavittsOur guest today is Jenny Levitt, author of “GodPrints,” which is her biography.   She recounts her story of surviving stage 4 cancer and thinking that she has overcome the worst thing life could throw at her, but little does she know that her worst nightmare is still to come. In a single moment, a collision with a drunk driver takes the life of her seventeen-year-old son and leaves her remaining son clinging to life with catastrophic injuries. Jenny and her husband, Myron, never intended to walk this road through the valley of the shadow of death, but life often doesn’t work out the way we plan. Jenny’s life experiences have positioned her as a reluctant expert on sorrow, the pains of life, and battling hell with all you’ve got. But in those shattered places, she finds evidence that God still had his hands on her life. She calls those moments “GodPrints.” Join Jenny on the dark road with a faithful God who is true to His word in times of joy and testing. You’ll see his “GodPrints” everywhere. The touching story of the resilience and faith of Jenny Leavitt and her family will inspire your audience.

As a pastor’s wife, Jenny Leavitt sees and is amazed by how far God will go to rescue broken, hurting people. She has witnessed God’s faithfulness through shattering loss and wants to encourage others to lean into Jesus in life’s ups and downs. While her son Jacob is already home in heaven, Caleb daily makes her proud as he strives to love Jesus and be the man God called him to be. Jenny and Myron, her best friend and husband of nearly thirty years, make their home in central Florida with a dog who thinks he’s a cat. To order her book, “GodPrints,” visit Amazon or Barnes and Noble or her website at: jennyleavitt.com.

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