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Daniel J. Seehafer Discusses Campaign to Stop Veteran Suicide.

American Legion Commander, Daniel J. Seehafer  We are honored to welcome Daniel J. Seehafer, the National Commander of the American Legion, to our program today. Commander Seehafer will share insights into the Legion’s critical mission of suicide prevention ahead of Memorial Day. He calls on all Americans to join the American Legion’s initiative to “Be the One” to prevent veteran suicide.

“Preventing veteran suicide transcends a mere goal—it is a profound mission,” stated Commander Seehafer. “You don’t need to be a professional therapist to listen and offer empathy towards veterans experiencing isolation, depression, or hopelessness. It’s crucial for each of us to help destigmatize the pursuit of mental health wellness and to engage with veterans about their well-being actively. Most importantly, we must encourage veterans in crisis to seek immediate help by calling 988, extension 1.

Since the tragic events of September 11, the number of veterans who have taken their own lives vastly exceeds those lost in combat. This stark reality underscores the urgent need for community involvement and support.

Additionally, Commander Seehafer emphasizes the importance of Memorial Day as a moment to honor the sacrifices of all U.S. military personnel since our nation’s founding. “For the comrades, family members, and friends of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice, Memorial Day is a poignant reminder of the true cost of our freedom, rather than merely the conclusion of a long weekend,” he reflects. “We must never forget the devotion and sacrifices of these heroes.”

For more information on how you can support veterans and honor the fallen, please visit our website, www.betheone.org.

 Dr. Jenny Liu Shares Her Favorite Skin Care Tips

Dr. Jenny LiuNext, we have an enlightening conversation with Dr. Jenny Liu, a renowned Board-Certified Dermatologist. Dr. Liu will share her top skincare tips tailored for the entire body, emphasizing the importance of whole-body deodorants as an essential for the summer season.

With rising temperatures, our skin care regimen needs a seasonal adjustment. The summer heat and humidity can increase body odor, making it crucial to adapt our skincare practices. Dr. Liu recommends making simple changes to stay fresh around the clock. Opt for lightweight moisturizers over heavy creams, choose deodorants offering broader coverage, and keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

Remember, experiencing body odor is a natural aspect of being human and is nothing to feel embarrassed about. If you’re looking to manage body odor more effectively, consider trying Secret Whole-Body Deodorant. It offers 72 hours of clinically proven odor protection, is gentle on the skin, and applies smoothly without leaving any residue. For more information, visit our website secret.com/en-us/articles/what-is-secret-whole-body-deodorant

Daiya Foods is Searching for an Honorary VP of Melting

John KellyToday’s final guest is John Kelly, the Chief Marketing Officer at Daiya Foods. A prominent global leader in plant-based foods, Daiya Foods, specializes in a wide array of dairy-free cheese products. John will share insights on “How to Make Extra Cheddar: A Dairy-Free Cheese Brand,” where one lucky cheese aficionado can win $20,000 by creating delectable, melty recipes.

Are you a cheese enthusiast looking for an exciting new opportunity? Daiya is offering a unique job that might be your dream role. The position, humorously titled the honorary MVP (Vice President of Melting), offers a legitimate chance to earn some “extra cheddar.”

The role’s key responsibilities involve perfecting ultra-cheesy recipes, precisely calculating melt times and temperatures, and working closely with the Daiya innovation team. If you’re passionate about recipes, love grilled cheese or pizza, or consider yourself a cheesehead, this opportunity is for you! This remote position includes a $20,000 cash prize and a year’s Daiya’s dairy-free cheese supply. For more details, visit  Daiya Foods’ Dairy-Free Tour.

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