WCVG 1320AM 4/5/2021 Noon ET

Roshanda Turner is a patient advocate, she discusses managing the disease and the importance of early diagnosis and treatment choice. Roshanda is passionate about educating others about kidney failure and home dialysis. Since her diagnosis, Roshanda has trained on how to do her hemodialysis treatment at home and is now on the kidney transplant list. She has two children, 22-year-old and a 7-year-old, and lives in Massachusetts. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, feng shui and meditation. For more information go to:https://www.kidney.org/

Our second guest is Kathy Cummings, Bank of America SVP Homeownership Solutions and Strategic Relationships, discusses the  new wave of first-time homebuyers are eager to change things up in a home of their own but face challenges. While many prospective homebuyers can afford monthly mortgage payments, the upfront costs and current environment may make homeownership seem out of reach. Bank of America offers a wealth of resources and significant grant programs to help buyers achieve affordable and sustainable homeownership. Most recently, Bank of America tripled its affordable homeownership initiative to $15 billion through 2025, aiming to help more than 60,000 individuals and families to purchase homes. For more information go to Bank of America.com

Jeff Mans is a part owner and Chief Content Officer of the Elite Sports Network. He has been playing fantasy sports for over 30 years and is a 16-year veteran of the fantasy sports industry. In addition to being a multi-award winning writer and broadcaster, he has won multiple high-stakes league championships, is a 19-time DFS live final qualifiers and is a two-time daily fantasy sports live final winner. His work has been featured in dozens of newspapers, magazines & online sources. He was also featured in the documentary film “Living the Fantasy.” His career winnings in fantasy sports are well over $1 million dollars. He is also the outspoken front man of SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio, hosting a variety of live programs including Elite Sports from 4-6 PM ET every weekday.

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