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Co-authors, Mackenzie Patterson and David CochranOur guests on today’s “Let’s Just Talk” show are co-authors as well as best friends. Let me introduce you to Mackenzie Patterson and David Cochran and their new book “A Girl with Down Syndrome co-authored by Mackenzie Patterson and David CochranA Girl with Down Syndrome”I personally loved the book, and I know you will too!

Dive into the mind of high schooler, Mackenzie Patterson, a.k.a. Kenz, as she takes you through a journey of her life and shares her perspective on how she feels about Down syndrome. From highs to lows, Kenz discusses the importance of embracing who she is and how she grew to become the inspirational figure she is today! While putting an emphasis on her incredible support system, Kenz provides some unique insights into her life with Down Syndrome.

Her friend David S. Cochran, who co-authored the book with Kenzi is an exciting new author with books that are rapidly rising in popularity! His work has been discussed and seen on major news networks, including Good Day LA and WGN Chicago! David’s work ranges from thrilling fictional stories to inspiring true stories! To order the book go to Amazon.com or bookstores everywhere!

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