WCVG The Voice 1320 AM 12/27/2021

Dr. Angela NicholasDid you know that Colon cancer is on the rise in people under 50.1 Joining us today to help us learn more about these rising rates and available screening options are two people with a personal connection to colon cancer? I want to welcome Dr. Angela Nicholas and colon cancer survivor and screening advocate – Scott.

Angela M. Nicholas M.D. is a Fight Colorectal Cancer Board Member and advocate. She connected with Fight CRC through her husband, John MacLeod, who was a stage IV colorectal cancer fighter, as well as a Fight CRC Board Member and Ambassador. Joining Dr. Nicholas is a colon cancer survivor and screening advocate Scott. He will his story about surviving cancer and why it is so important to be tested. For more information go to Fight Colorectal Cancer


Kairn: Mates of the AllianceOur last guest is new author Fionne Foxxe Fionne Foxxe Farraday Farraday. Today she discusses her new book the first in the series  “Kairn: Mates of the Alliance”. The background of her story in becoming a writer is Fionne had a medical scare in March 2020. She was placed on medical leave for a total of six weeks.  A health care worker in the ICU, Fionne came back to work during the dark days of the first Covid -19 surge. Work and health issues became an increasing source of stress as her team lost countless patients to Covid-19. Fionne began to write as an outlet as an escape.  At least in her books, she could fashion the fictional happy ending which the health care providers were desperately unsuccessfully trying to provide in the harsh reality of a world stricken with Covid.  Always an avid reader, Fionne became a compulsive writer. Her little escape began as a rough outline, but Daria and Kairn took on lives of their own and the book nearly wrote itself. Her characters are warriors serving with dedication and valor. They battle a villainous empire and are on the front lines of medicine. This book in this series is a love letter to the health care workers who keep fighting the good fight in the face of staggering odds.  And to our military because of their sacrifice, we can live our lives. Filled with hope, laughter, and the occasional tear, Fionne invites you to join Daria and Kairn on their wild and wonderful ride.   Meet the rest of their Friends and growing Family who impatiently want to share their own stories. You can purchase the book on Amazon. You will love the book I did!!

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