WDZY 1290AM and WDZY 103.3FM 8:00AM 9/02/2020

Our guest today is Major General Daniel York, USA, Retired. He is the Founder and Director of First Cause and Founder of VetREST and also is the  Chairman of the Board of the VetRest organization.  Dan is a retired Major General in the U.S. Army Reserves with over 36 years of military service.   Dan brings leadership experience from the military where he served as a platoon leader, general’s aide de camp, company commander (twice), battalion commander, brigade commander and division commander (three times), in addition to numerous staff assignments.

He brings over twenty years of experience as a pastor, trainer, and leadership consultant.  He is in demand as a speaker around the world and is the author of eight books and composer of seven albums. These can be purchased on his website at First Cause. He and his wife Kathleen have three children and four grandchildren. You may contact him at dyork@vetrest.org

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