WDZY Richmond VA 1290AM & 103.3FM 1-04-2023

My guest today is Don Greco, author and one of our regular guests and experts on our radio and TV shows. Today he will discuss his latest book, an outstanding Children’s Book, “What Ever Happened to the Smooth Tongue Cats?”  ” A heartwarming story of a little boy named Lukey who finds this beautiful little cat and adopts him after he follows him home from school on a rainy day. Pete is a quiet, gentle cat who loves Lukey. He’s always happy when he’s with Lukey and his family. But Pete has a whole lot of trouble. Other cats don’t like him, and nobody, especially Lukey, can figure out why. Pete often gets into cat fights, and when he does, he sometimes gets hurt and has to be taken to a veterinarian. So what can we do about Pete and Lukey’s cat troubles?

Donald Greco grew up in Youngstown, Ohio.  He has spent his career as a fifth-grade school teacher, a high school geometry teacher, and thirty-three years as a professor of mathematics.  He has always dreamed of writing stories, so quietly, in his spare time, he wrote novels throughout his adult life.  The only one who knew of his secret passion was his beloved wife, Angie, whom he lost many years ago. Greco still lives in Ohio. He is a widower with three sons, three daughters-in-law, and five grandchildren. For more information on Donald’s Novels and his latest Children’s book, “What Ever Happened to The Smooth Tongue Cats?” go to Don’s website at https://greconovels.com. You can purchase all his books on Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble.

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