WDZY Richmond, VA 1290AM &103.3FM 1:30 PM ET 8/25/2021

Author, Michael N SmithOur guest today is Michael N. Smith, author, executive producer and creative director of Beard Boy Productions, a southern California-based advertising production agency specializing in writing and producing television, video, radio, animation, AR/VR, and web content.

Today he will be discussing his new book he co-authored with Eric Kasum the title is: 100 of the Worst Ideas in History: Humanity’s Thundering Brainstorms Turned Blundering Brain Farts.  The Book is available in Audio, Kindle, and Paperback. He has written and produced hundreds of humorous (and not-so-humorous) TV commercials, radio spots, and corporate videos over the past 26 years for a gaggle of clients across our great land. He has also worked as a press aide and speech-writer for the New York State Assembly, a radio news reporter, and a public relations manager.

You can find more information on Michael N. Smith at 100worstideas.com, on Facebook (Mike Smith, Beard Boy, and 100 Worst Ideas), on Instagram (Mike Smith, Beard Boy, 100 Worst Ideas), or on LinkedIn (Mike Smith, Beard Boy).

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