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Our first guest is Andy DeLaO, Chief Marketing Officer of women’s health and x-ray for GE Healthcare is joining us today to explain and help women listening to put the “me” back into medicine. Have you ever heard of a comfy mammogram? Doesn’t seem possible, right? With May being Women’s Health Month he wants to deliver a good news reminder to all women who do so much for others. It’s time to take care of yourself and that means enjoying time with friends, maybe a spa day, and yes, getting that mammogram. Even better, new technology is putting more control of that test in the patient’s own hands. Andy has a background in radiation oncology, medical dosimetry, and design thinking he has been using his ability to listen to understand the unmet needs of patients, physicians, politicians, payers, and the pharmaceuticals/medical device industry to transform meaningful change in medicine. He has led teams to design and run multiple cancer centers in the U.S. as well as 25 cancer centers and 150 risk reduction facilities globally. He worked for GE Healthcare for almost 10 years leading new product introductions, machine learning projects in molecular imaging, and building an oncology solutions team. He sits on the Board of Directors for Avant Diagnostics. For more information go to GE Healthcare at www.mymammo.com

Dr. Steven CliffOur second guest is Dr. Steven Cliff, Deputy Administrator, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Dr. Cliff will discuss the dangers of vehicular heatstroke. With spring temperatures rising and the dog days of summer just around the corner, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is warning families about the dangers of vehicular heatstroke and leaving children in hot cars. Outside of crashes, heatstroke is the number one vehicle-related killer of children under the age of 14 in the United States. More than half (53%) of all vehicle-related heatstroke deaths happen when a child is forgotten by a parent or caregiver and left in a car, and 26 percent are from a child getting into a car unsupervised. These deaths, while accidental, are preventable. To help reduce these deaths, NHTSA created the “Where’s Baby? Look Before You Lock” campaign. The campaign kicked off on National Heatstroke Prevention Day on May 1 and will run through September. For more information visit www.noheatstroke.org

Our last guest is Lisbet Chiriboga the Program Manager of TeachKind at PETA, today she discusses more about these accomplishments of the Teachkind program, the groundbreaking research showing that students thrive academically when compassion for animals is in the curriculum, and how TeachKind’s lessons help students reject all forms of violence and bullying. Teachkind’s 20th anniversary is approaching, with accomplishments that include helping school districts address incidents of cruelty to animals perpetrated by young people, traveling the country with life-size animatronic animals to teach kids how to relate, donating vegan food to schools, presenting materials to educators at national conferences, and much more all for free. For more information visit www.peta.org/teachkind

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