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Chief Distribution Officer for Cigna Healthcare Discusses Medicare Advantage Plans

Our first guest today is Gary Culp, Cigna healthcare’s Medicare Chief Distribution OfficerGary Culp, the Medicare Chief Distribution Officer for Cigna Healthcare Medicare. If you qualify for Medicare, the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) is on until Dec. 7. It is the last opportunity to ensure you have the comprehensive health coverage you may need in 2024. Gary will offer tips on how to choose the best health plan for your needs, extras built into Medicare Advantage plans, and how to weigh costs. He has expertise in all aspects of health care, with more than 20 years of progressive executive leadership and management experience serving the needs of beneficiaries across multiple markets. Did you know this year, 4.4 million Americans qualified for Medicare for the first time? These Medicare rookies can choose between Medicare Advantage plans and original Medicare. Medicare Advantage plans include extra health and wellness benefits like fitness, vision, hearing, dental, and caregiver support. For more information, visit www.cigna.com/medicare.


PETA Chief Scientist, Katherine Roe, Ph.D., Investigates Monkey Maternal & Sensory Deprivation

Katherine Roe, Ph.D., is chief scientist with the Laboratory InvestigationsOur second guest today is Katherine Roe, Ph.D., is chief scientist with the Laboratory Investigations Department of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). Today she will discuss Harvard’s maternal and sensory deprivation experiments on newborn monkeys and how to stop these experiments. Did you know that at Harvard Medical School experimenter is permanently removing newborn rhesus macaques from their mothers and depriving them of normal visual input, either by sewing their eyes shut or outfitting them with goggles that keep them completely in the dark, invert the world around them, or distort their vision in some way. In some experiments, she has staff wear welding masks so that the baby monkeys never see a face. She even describes giving stuffed toys to grieving macaque mothers to replace their stolen babies.

PETA’s exposé of these experiments generated intense backlash in the scientific and Harvard communities, with Harvard’s Animal Law & Policy program demanding that Harvard pull the plug on the experiments and nearly 400 scientists, academics, and lawyers—including Jane Goodall—signing a letter to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) urging it to review and terminate its funding of maternal and sensory deprivation experiments, which have received at least 32 million in taxpayer dollars since 1998—and that have resulted in zero treatments for humans. For more information visit PETA.org.

Lifestyle Expert Carey Reilly Shares Tips and Gifts for Stress-Free Holiday Gifts!

Our last guest is Lifestyle Expert Carey Reilly is here to show you how to to get it all done, give amazing gifts and do it all with a smile! If that notion makes you sweat (even in the snowy weather)- have no fear! Everyone can still get great gifts at great prices with ease. Carey will share: – The best gifts for anyone on your list, – strategies for the last-minute shopping season, ways to save and shopping strategies and online resources for the easiest shopping experience and much more!

Carey Reilly was named O, The Oprah Winfrey Magazine’s TOP 50 Influencers and Brand Ambassadors of 2017. Reilly is a recurring guest on NBC’s Today Show, Fox & Friends, VH-1, HLN’s Showbiz Tonight, The Joy Behar Show. She’s been a guest on Harry Connick Jr’s TV Show, Harry, Food Network’s The Kitchen, Cooking Channel’s Everyday Chinese and Food Network’s Rewrapped.  For more information visit www.facebook.com/careyreilly.

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