WELP Greenville SC 1360AM & 104.3FM 12-15-2022

“Tiger” Joyce of the American Tort Reform Foundation will discuss the jurisdictions that made this year’s list and how lawsuit abuse impacts everyday Americans. Here is some background on the subject: Lawsuit abuse results in over $284 billion in excessive tort costs. In other words, lawsuit abuse costs every American about $1,303 annually in a “tort tax.” According to the American Tort Reform Foundation, Judicial Hellholes® are where lawsuits and abuse of the court system are the norms. The surge in excessive and high-dollar nuclear verdicts results in higher costs on consumer goods and fewer jobs, all while American families are already feeling the pinch of inflation. This year in Judicial Hellholes®, lawsuits were filed that ignores one of the most basic tenets of tort law – claiming an actual injury. Often, these are lawsuits filed by serial plaintiffs who file numerous, practically duplicate lawsuits and haven’t suffered any actual injury. For more information, please visit JudicialHellholes.org.  



Dr. Kathryn TomasinoOur second Guest is Katherine Tomasino, Ph.D., co-director of the Behavioral Medicine for Digestive Health Program at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago. She will discuss the importance of identifying the causes of problems with gut health and give tips to help treat the condition. The holidays can be a very stressful time for us all. Adults usually have more on their to-do lists, and while holiday parties and gatherings can bring a lot of fun, extra time with family and friends and gift-giving obligations can also cause stress. For some people, the season can bring up grief about loved ones or past relationships. Research shows a solid two-way connection between the gut and the brain. Psychological factors can affect a person’s gut health, and their gut symptoms or condition can also affect their psychological health and well-being. This can spell trouble during the holidays because sugary treats, fatty dishes, and excessive alcohol are abundant and can cause digestive trouble, making a person miserable. For more information, please visit www.nm.org/radio.



Andrew TestaOur third guest is Andrew Testa of Verizon’s Consumer Group, joins us today to l discuss the latest tech gifts that are available. He will also talk about the Gift Guide and how to choose brands, prices, lifestyles, and much more In addition, how to turn the top trending items into the perfect gift. And last but not least, he will teach you how to choose accessories, find the deals, and explore the gear that the pros prefer. Andrew leads local area communications for the company. He is Verizon’s resident 5G expert responsible for telling Verizon’s 5G story and how this new technology will be a game-changer for how we, as a society, will live, work and play.  For More Information, visit www.verizon.com/deals.